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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cameron Isn’t Skipping, He’s Just Lardy

Signs are pointing to Cameron Lard being in Ames second semester.

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Iowa State Athletics

REBOUNDING MACHINE. You’re probably already well aware of how Seanna Johnson is turning herself into one of ISU’s greats, but how did she learn to rebound?

BIG 12 PLAY. The Twister Sisters open Big 12 play on the road tonight in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

MIDLANDS. If you’re looking for what to expect from ISU, Iowa and UNI as the Midlands wrestling tournament begins, Chris Cuellar has you covered.

MAKE IT NAZTY. Naz is growing his facial hair out trying to “get nasty” as the Cyclones open Big 12 play tomorrow evening.

THE LIFE OF THE LARDY. Steve Prohm said yesterday that Lard arriving on campus was merely a formality, but will he play if and when he shows up?

LEWIS BALLS OUT. Everyone seems to track ISU signee, Lindell Wigginton, and rightfully so, but let’s not forget about Terrence Lewis.

Around the Country

2016 DOESN’T NEED MORE CELEBRITY DEATHS. So Kansas State players showered Bill Snyder in confetti.

IN BOWL GAMES. Northwestern beat Pitt in Yankee Stadium, Utah beat Chaos Team to get a much needed win for the Pac 12, Miami got their first bowl win in a decade by beating West Virginia in the Russell Athletic Bowl while fans fought in the bathroom, and Kansas State finished their season sweep of Texas by beating Texas A&M.

G5 PLAYOFF. When the best reason you can think of for something is “why not?” that usually means it’s a very good idea.

IN COLLEGE HOOPS. Nebrasketball ended Indiana’s home court winning streak, Oregon ruined UCLA’s undefeated season

Virginia waltzed into the KFC Yum! Center and left victorious, Boise State players are giving student sections the bird, and Dennis Smith Jr. tried to murder a rim.

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Sports fans, here’s a list of easy to follow resolutions for the new year. They’ve set the bar low so even the worst fans can achieve them.