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The Mid-Morning Dump: Iowa State Beat Down Team That Beat Iowa

Yep, that’s pretty much exactly what happened.

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Iowa State Football

WHATS THE PLAN FOR PARKRAM? Does anyone really know? Oh well, lets speculate.

OUT OF THE CELLAR. Congrats to Bottom 25 winner Texas State, oh and IOWA STATE IS NO LONGER RANKED IN THIS POLL YAY.

Iowa State Basketball

600 ASSISTS IS A LOT. Monte Morris continues to break records, and his climb up the ISU all-time assist leader board took another step last night.

HELLO OFFENSE, MY OLD FRIEND. The offense is another step closer to ironing out it’s problems.

BURTON: VALUABLE AND DANGEROUS. He can be both, and he definitely was both last night.

YOUNG LENDS A HAND. The Cyclones really enjoyed getting a very scrappy Solomon Young back last night.

OFFENSE IS LIKE YOUR DIGESTIVE TRACT. If it’s flowing well, good things happen.

STU IS THE KEY? Stats (and ball) don’t lie.

Around The Country

POWER RANKINGS! Don’t look now but the Cowboys are good again.

NBA KLAY 60. Klay Thompson scored 60 points last night and quite frankly could have dropped more, had he not been benched. Yikes.

MUSCLE FLEXBROOK. Simply put: Westbrook is having an unbelievable season.

HEISMAN SNUBS. Like always, there were plenty of them.

OH THE HUMANITY. Man goes head-up with a kangaroo to save his dog and it’s fantastic.

RIO IS BANKRUPT AFTER THE OLYMPICS? While some argue they were broke before, they still join the long list of broke former host cities.

KEVIN HARLAN IS AMAZING. Streakers get equal treatment when Harlan is calling games.