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The Rise and Fall of Hawkeye Twitter During the 2015 Cy-Hawk Basketball Game

Let’s revisit some memories from last year!

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Iowa State Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

You guys remember last year’s Cy-Hawk game? The one where Jarrod Uthoff went all Michael Jordan in the first half, then Iowa State came back and won on a Monte Morris floater in the lane with under 20 seconds left in the game?

We do! And we also remember plenty of silly things that people said on Twitter throughout the game. Today, during basketball #HATEWEEK 2016, we look back at some of the best moments from #HawkeyeTwitter during the 2015 Iowa-ISU game.

And boy, there’s some doozies.


For 20 minutes, the “dumbass” got owned. But by the end of the night, the “dumbass” was 3-1 against the Hawkeyes in his career.

This was probably the guy who was showing all of his friends his tweet throughout the first half and then retreated to the bathroom for a good cry after the final buzzer.


To my knowledge, this is the first Uthoff>Niang tweet of the night. These came in rapid fire after Uthoff started going off for 30 in the first 20 minutes. Obviously Niang is much better than Uthoff in reality, but kudos to you for setting a trend, Levi...

At least this Uthoff>Niang was preceded with a “No matter what happens,” that way when Iowa blew a massive lead in the second half, people still knew Uthoff was “greater” than Niang.

Greater meaning greater at disappearing in the clutch.

Building a Lead, Slobbering Over Uthoff

Yes, we heard you. Not as much in the second half though.

Swing and a miss on that prediction.

The first act of the show was good, but after intermission, the second act was a disaster.

Well he got a W at the end of the night, so there’s that.

He probably went skating after the game to celebrate the big win.

Sounds like a pretty bad porno IMO.

I like how the second C in Cyclowns was the one that got capitalized.

Which is why he got drafted and... Oh.

Better than Georges Niang and Abdel Nader, right? Uthoff would definitely get drafted over Niang and Nad... Oh.

He also killed Iowa’s chances of winning in the second half by disappearing. Must have got taken to jail or something during halftime?

You guys are really making a big deal about this NBA Draft thing, aren’t you?


Yes, they won that battle handily, 83-32.

Oh boy they just keep going with these comparisons...

Millions of Hawkeye tears thanks to that second half performance.

We know this was secretly Chris Hassel tweeting from the @ESPNCBB account.

Niang’s many levels above Uthoff. Nowhere close — you’ve got that right.

Full caps for full WEAK ASS CYCLOWNS effect.

The boys didn’t keep it going.

More like #SCNotTop10 in the second half LOL AMIRITE.

Yeah but then the Clones rigged the shed to fall on the Hawks so I mean who’s the real winner here.

Sweet Jesus, this is glorious. You know when it mattered? In the second half and down the stretch. You know when Niang played well and Uthoff didn’t? In the second half and down the stretch.

No one gave Adamn after the second half.

I really feel sorry for all of these people who were keeping track of Uthoff’s points versus ISU’s. Counting all of those points from Iowa State after halftime probably got challenging.

We definitely wouldn’t see it in the second half.

He was pretty much caged after halftime. KermitSippingTea.jpg.

Pretty sure he has a wife and wouldn’t like that but I won’t judge.

Chris Hassel moves over to the @ESPNStatsInfo account.

The Second Half


The Hawkeye fan lovefest moved over to Jok. Poor Uthoff... Left out in the cold like brussel sprouts in a Thanksgiving Day spread.

The funny part about this tweet is Iowa might have been better off actually doing it.

Iowa State used their shiny, waxed asses to kick the asses of the Hawkeyes after halftime.

What a great thing to tweet just before Uthoff went for two points in the final 20 minutes!

What’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!


The passiveness of Jarrod Uthoff begins to rear its ugly head...

Monte floater, good. Uthoff 3-pointer, not good. 83-82 Cyclones.


Because, you know, Iowa State can’t win without Iowa fans letting them know what they really are. Did ISU storm the court against an unranked team? Yes. Was that unranked team an in-state rival who had led by 20 earlier in the game? Yes.



Considering Iowa didn’t really end up playing in a New Year’s bowl either, this insult fell flat.


Thanks to WRNL friend Kirk Haaland for reminding us of this gem from former Hawkeye basketball player Aaron White...

It’s actually a #CycloneState.

That was enjoyable. Surely some of you reading this have stories of your Hawkeye friends getting big heads during last year’s first half... If you do, post them in the comments!