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The Mid-Morning Dump: Hate Week on the Hardwood

The Cyclones return to the scene of the kiss in 2014.

Iowa State Athletics

UNBROKEN. Matt Thomas has overcome a lot in his life, but he never let tragedy deter him from his goals.

TRASH TALK. After losing the team’s best trash talker in Georges Niang, Monte Morris is learning how to step up his game.

FIREWORKS. This year’s CyHawk showdown is sure to feature offense and trash talk. So basically, even though the players may change, the game stays the same.

MESSAGE SENDERS. Even though Iowa seems to be going through some struggles this season, Iowa State wants to send a message to the Hawkeyes, and to the nation.

JACK ATTACK. Donovan Jackson is gaining confidence in his wrist and his game and could be on his way to becoming an x-factor on this year’s Cyclone team.

JOK SHOCK. Peter Jok shoots more than any other power five player, Travis Hines writes that ISU can’t stop him, they can only hope to contain him.

ALL BIG 12. The Big 12 coaches selected their all-conference teams yesterday, and Allen Lazard finally got some recognition, along with 5 other Cyclones.

ALL UNIFORM. Well would you look at that. Iowa State makes an appearance on a list of top 10 alternate uniforms in the Big 12 this season....three times.

WOMEN FALL SHORT. The Twister Sisters made their way to Carver Hawkeye last night and came up short against the Hawks.

Around the Country

DELAY OF GAME. Wednesday’s North Carolina-Davidson game was delayed due to rogue confetti.

SCOTT DREW IS GOOD. Seth Davis writes that Scott Drew should finally be getting a lot of credit that he’s been owed for years now.

PLAY OF THE DAY. Turns out man’s best friend is also one of the best tacklers.

CUBS-ROYALS. The World Series champs made another big move this off-season, and may have gotten better in the process.

DOWN SEC. Sure, Alabama is good, but the rest of the SEC had at least four losses. So is Alabama that good or are they benefiting from a down conference?

HEISMAN. Lamar Jackson is really good, and if you’d like to know just how good, take a look at his 51 touchdowns.

SEE YA. Christian McCaffrey is going to the NFL after leading the NCAA in all purpose yardage for the second consecutive year.

ALL DAY...MAYBE. Adrian Peterson says he’s only going to return this season if the Vikings are still in the hunt for the playoffs. This would require quite the turnaround.