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The Mid-Morning Dump: What Happened Last Night?


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Iowa State Football

DE VISITS. Iowa State is hosting a JuCo DE this weekend.

THIS IS GOOD I LIKE THIS. People are starting to catch on that Iowa State made a bit of a breakthrough this season.

Iowa State Basketball

OUR OFFENSE IS OFFENSIVE. The Cyclone offense absolutely imploded last night.

TIME TO PANIC? Maybe not, but concerns definitely remain.

RECAP: IT WASNT GOOD. The ‘Clones sure fell hard last night.

ITS SIMPLE, REALLY. The Cyclones stunk last night. There’s really nothing else you can say.

Around The Country

KG IS THE BEST. Kevin Garnett always forgets he has a swear button and I’m perfectly OK with that.

CHARLES WEARS A BLUE TENT ON TV. Actually, it was an outfit from Shaq’s closet.

PRINCE WAS A DAMN SAVAGE. The Eddie Murphy - Prince plot thickens.

HOT STOVE. Who won the winter meetings? Who lost?

FOOTBALL. NFL week 14 predictions are here.

CHEIFS KINGDOM. Kansas City beat the Oakland Raiders last night and might actually be good now.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL AWARD WINNERS. Some people won some things last night.