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We Still Booze 2.15: Interview with Joseph Hoyt

New Ames Tribune writer Joseph Hoyt stopped by to give his initial thoughts on living in Iowa and the Iowa State football team.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Joseph Hoyt, recently hired at the Ames Tribune, stopped by to discuss his first impressions of Iowa and Ames specifically.

Hoyt previously covered the Oregon Ducks football team, so we talked about uniform combinations, tailgating and just how far away ISU really is on the football field.

In the upset of the centruy, Jospeh has been in Ames for about a month and has yet to eat at Hickory Park. We talked about local Ames watering holes and he helped Austin pronounce Deutches IPA (Not the IPA part).

As a first time Iowan, we asked Joseph what he thought Iowa State could sell recruits on and where their focus will be over the next two months on the recruiting trail.

Finally, Joseph gave us some hope for things we might see in the 2017 football season.

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Also, special thanks to Jake McDonough for allowing us to use his Cyclone tune throughout the show.

You can follow Joseph on Twitter: @JoeJHoyt