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The Mid-Morning Dump – 2/1/16


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Iowa State Basketball

KENNEDY 1, PROHM 0. Billy Kennedy came out ahead in the first meeting between good friends.

TAKEAWAYS. Chris Williams highlights five takeaways from the game in College Station.

NIANG INJURED? The questionable health of Georges Niang is the only real loss from Saturday.

Iowa State Football

MOSTLY FOR HIS MAJOR? Chase Allen picked Iowa State over Michigan and Nebraska in large part for the mechanical engineering program in Ames.

Around The Country

HORNY OUT. Jeff Hornacek was fired as coach of the Phoenix Suns. A refresher that the problem in Phoenix is lack of continuity, if you ask former Sun Goran Dragic.

JOHN SCOTT, MVP. John Scott ended his NHL All-Star game appearance on a high note, getting carried on his teammates' shoulders and being named MVP.

WATTTTTTT. This snooker shot featured a ball curving on the railing to make it into a pocket.

THE ANTI-DUNK SHOW. The four worst pre-game dunks you'll ever see.

CALSTRADAMUS. John Calipari predicted a loss to Kansas.

THAT'S A DEFINITE RED CARD. I know slowing Messi is hard, but this is... illegal.

IF YOU AREN'T CHEATING, YOU AREN'T TRYING. The "I am a professional cyclist who uses bikes that have a motor in them that I didn't know about" angle isn't one many are likely to buy.

MEGATRON IS RETIRING. Calvin Johnson joins Barry Sanders as another all-timer who decided to hang it up earlyinstead of playing for Detroit.