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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Mayor's in Trouble

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Iowa State Basketball

MATTY ICE. John Walters put together a nice feature on Thomas' breakout third season.

THE CASE FOR SHAKA. Does Shaka Smart deserve to be the Big 12 Coach of the Year? Jared Stansbury thinks so.

ROAD WARRIORS? Tonight, ISU goes for their fourth straight win on the road in conference play.

ROAD WARRIORS! The Cyclones have made a habit of refocusing away from Hilton Coliseum lately.

BUT SERIOUSLY, ROAD WARRIORS. Travis Hines previews tonight's game.


BAD NEWS. The Bulls have gone 9-12 since the new year began (5-12 since January 9) and things aren't getting any easier for the Mayor in Chicago.

Around the Country

CLASSIC POP. Gregg Popovich wasn't pleased to hear the results of last night's New Hampshire primary.

BERNIE GETS BUCKETS. Yes, Bernie Sanders appears to have gone to the Tim Duncan school of bank shots.

BASKETBALL POETRY. Here I am presenting you reason #873,727 that the Warriors are awesome.

BUZZER BEATER. Gordon Hayward sank the Dallas Mavericks in overtime on a buzzer beater.

SENIOR TAKEOVER. Move aside one-and-dones, this is the year star seniors have taken back college basketball.

CAM EXPLAINS. Why he didn't dive for that fumble late in the Super Bowl.

FEMALE VIAGRA. Ben Stiller spoofed the Viagra commercial everyone's seen in the last few months.