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The Mid-Morning Dump: Lubbock is a Graveyard

And sports were invented by terrorists.

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On This Day in Sports History

FEBRUARY 11, 1990. In a major upset, Buster Douglas defeats Mike Tyson, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, in 10 rounds in Tokyo.

Iowa State Basketball

THE SAGA CONTINUES. Iowa State's loss to Texas Tech last night had a little bit of everything.

FIVE TAKEAWAYS. Jared Stansbury offers up his usual five takeaways from the shooty hoops contest that was.

LATE SEASON TOP 20. The list of candidates for the Wendy's Wooden Award has been pared to 20, and Georges Niang is on it.

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE. Jameel McKay is in control of what comes next.

PILE IT ON. The Twister Sisters dropped another one at No. 24 West Virginia last night, now their seventh loss in eight games.

Around the Country

NEVER TOO EARLY. How about a little baseball? Here are Grant Brisbee's best divisional races (ranked) for 2016. Go Red Sox.

WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND SUNS. Things are going well since Hornacek.

FUCKED BY A STOPWATCH. It could be worse, Cyclone Nation. It could've went down like this.

AS GOD INTENDED. Remember how the first full round of the NCAA Tournament used to be called the first round, but then there was confusion about the first round and the "first four," so they changed first round to second round and second round to third round, even though the new second and third rounds were really the first and and second full rounds? That's not happening anymore.


PLUG FOR A PLAYOFF. Joe Paterno once had an idea for a college football playoff... back in 1978.