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(Mis)Interpreting Social Media with Jameel McKay

Let's Analyze Jameel McKay's Instagram Posts!

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

With Jameel McKay on the brink of a return from his suspension for a "practice-related incident" and his social media behavior, we thought it would be best to wildly analyze the captions on his Instagram posts for a better look at his life. Even though Jameel himself warned everyone that most of his posts aren't to be taken seriously, what sort of crazed fans would we be if we didn't do it anyway?

After his frosted tips experiment last March, Jameel is looking into literally getting $ signs cut into his hair this year.

We get it Jameel, you're still collecting royalty checks from starring in Avatar. No need to rub it in.

The battle with constipation is real.

Jameel has taken the news of the E. coli outbreak at Chipotle particularly hard, but that won't stop him from getting his favorite burrito.

Jameel is either lamenting being way too late to the planking craze or...

Jameel is looking forward to the team potluck tonight, especially Abdel Nader's famous green bean casserole.

Jameel singlehandedly keeps Hobby Lobby in Ames open by dropping a grand on picture frames.


Jameel is relieved to finally hear his name called at the doctor's office after having to wait 45 minutes beside two screaming children who managed to superglue themselves together.

Sure, I was quoted as saying Hickory Park was overrated, but way to leave out that I also called it a great value with fantastic ice cream. Put down the pitchforks, people.

No interpreting here... we're all just glad to have you back (hopefully)!