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The Mid-Morning Dump: A Parking Disaster Looms

Hilton parking is going to be crowded, referees get fooled by video, and we talk about wrasslin'.

Iowa State Basketball

PARKING PSA. When you lose in overtime on Wednesday the news cycle slows down, so we're telling you about how parking will be a disaster and you should come early to the Texas game on Saturday night. Also, definitely park on a side street.

Iowa State Wrestling

100 YEARS OF WRASSLIN'. Iowa State wrestling will celebrate a historical milestone this weekend during their dual with West Virginia, and here's the video to commemorate the occasion.

Around the Country

COLORADO SPRINGS SCREWJOB. Or technological ineptitude, as it was revealed that the replay officials' video they used to time Boise State's buzzer beater was running at 2x speed.

REMEMBER KIDS, DON'T DO THIS AT HOME. NFL receiver Josh Morgan cleans his gun, shoots himself while cleaning it, and gets charged by police.

MASS HOOKY. A lot of kids in Denver skipped school for the Broncos' victory parade.

MORE REPLAY, FEWER EJECTIONS? The NCAA is proposing a rule that allows replay officials to have more involvement in targeting calls.

SHAQ HANDS WEREN'T THE PROBLEM. How do we know this? Because Kawhi Leonard is leading the NBA in 3-point percentage with hands as big as Shaq's.

BECAUSE THIS MAKES SENSE. LeBron James didn't go to college. Akron is offering a bobblehead doll anyway.

WHAT PREDICTS RECRUITING SUCCESS? Previous recruiting success of course!

DO BYE WEEKS HELP? Yes, unless you're Paul Rhoads.

MONTREAL SCREWJOB. No anniversary to commemorate here, but a way to divert your attention on Friday: The Wikipedia page for Shawn Michaels' victory over Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1997.