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The Mid-Morning Dump - 2/15/16

So You're Saying There's a Chance...

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Iowa State Basketball

IT'S A LONGSHOT, BUT... Randy Peterson says Iowa State's schedule still allows them a shot at the Big 12 title.

RELIEVED. Steve Prohm is breathing a sigh of relief after a home win against the Longhorns.

MISERABLE. Jameel McKay's suspension made him "miserable", which we can all hope inspires him for the rest of the season.

GOOD SPIN. Bobby La Gesse writes that the wheel of "which Cyclone team will we get today" landed well on Saturday.

FRED DOESN'T HATE KU AS MUCH AS YOU DO. While visiting his daughter Paige at KU, Fred Hoiberg helped Bill Self scheme for Oklahoma.

Iowa State Football

END OF THE ROAD. Luke Knott talks about foregoing his football career to move on with his life.

Around The Country

LAVINE AND GORDON PUT ON A SHOW. Zach LaVine defended his dunk contest title with dunks like this, but Aaron Gordon had the single most impressive dunk I've seen in years.

THIS DUDE MIGHT BE BETTER. Dunking in jeans, what a hipster .

RETIREMENT GIFTS FOR KOBE. Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony gave Kobe a bunch of gag retirement gifts.

WHY NOT? Steph Curry ends the All-Star game with a halfcourt 3 because he's Steph Curry.

I GUESS IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY? Liverpool's Divock Origi's face of regret after going into the crowd to celebrate his goalwas amazing.

AMAZING/CLASSLESS? Memphis' Shaq Goodwin stuck his arm through the rim, then celebrated a technical.

DUKE PULLS A DUKE. Grayson Allen beat Virginia on a travel.