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The Mid-Morning Dump: Niang's Gonna Pass the Mayor

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Iowa State Basketball

IOWA STATE PLAYS A GAME TONIGHT. Fresh off a weekend win against Texas, the Cyclones travel to hell Mexico Waco for a tussle with the Baylor Bears.

MOVE FRED, GET OUT THE WAY. Georges Niang needs only 4 points to pass Mayor McDreamy and move into third on ISU's all-time career scoring list, and Uncle Randy wrote about it.

REMEMBER WHEN BAYLOR WAS BAD? Check out this article for a nice read on how Baylor has had Iowa State's number both at home and on the road.

DEONTE IS THAT DUDE. Taking full advantage of being inserted into the starting lineup, Deonte Burton earned his 3rd Big 12 Dunker Newcomer of the Week award. Plays like this are probably why:

Iowa State Football

CATALINA 'LYING TRICKSTER'. Tyler Catalina, I mean his stepbrother Tony Catalina (what the f*** is going on here), put an end to the bizarre circus that was his recruitment by committing to Georgia. I think.

CAMPBELL ALREADY RECRUITING. Just as an offensive-lineman sized door began to close, home-grown Iowa boy O'Rien Vance walked in and committed to the Cyclones.

MOAR CROOTIN'. Wanna know more about yesterday's action on the recruiting trail? Tommy Birch has you covered.

Around The Country

SO THE GRAMMYS HAPPENED. I'm not sure how many of you people care about this, but people did some stuff and some things happened, I guess. Here's some of them:

Looks like Lady Gaga was dressed as a man her normal self.

I think a small rodent died on this guy's head.

10/10 would date.

THREE TIMES AS NICE. Sports Illustrated is going with 3 different covers for their Swimsuit Edition, and all three of them are absolute dimes. And one could kick your ass.

ONLYYYYY IN AMERICA. A rather large man was kicked out of a Golden Corral for eating 50 (yes FIFTY) pounds of food, and is now suing the restaurant for damages. What a time to be alive.

I THINK THEY'RE STILL DRUNK. The ever Twitter-famous Ted Flint (@TedFlintKansas) and friends put together a podcast full of laughs, random tangents, and swear words.

WHAT HAPPENS IN JERSEY? The State of New Jersey is fighting to make sports betting legal in its casinos, giving travelers yet another reason to regret going to New Jersey.

KANYE LIKES SPORTS MORE THAN KANYE? Kanye West dropped his new album (The Life of Pablo) for streaming on Tidal, and his tracks contained roughly one million sports references. He still mentioned himself more, of course.

BASEBALL IS ALMOST BACK. Spring training is nearly upon us, so here are some story-lines every baseball fan should be aware of.

ALL STAR GAMES GET 0 STARS. Nearly everyone hates all star games, and absolutely everyone hates the Pro Bowl. Everybody. Even NFL players and blind people. Here's some suggestions to make them better.

MALICE IN THE PALACE CHINA? Former NBA player Jason Maxiell took a cheap-shot during a game in China, and he didn't take it well. Thank goodness Michael Beasley was there... Wait, what?