ISU is Who Prohm Thought They Were

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I wish I had stats to back this stuff up. You know what, I will just look them up (or by them I mean some).

Prohm is playing the guys that got this team here. Somehow that is now unacceptable. Maybe Hoiberg could control the team better. Maybe Dustin Hogue, Melvin Ejim, and DeAndre Kane were just that great of leaders. I don't know as I was not there. I thought Craig Brackins was an NBA starter being held down by coaching and teammates (I don't know where he is). I thought Bryce Dejean-Jones was a team cancer (he plays in the NBA). I don't know why this team is struggling, but this fan base needs to stop pretending it knows more than me.

This team is struggling because it is who we knew they were. This particular version just isn't getting the bounces. Check KenPom and you'll see ISU is a top 10 offense with a mediocre top 100 defense. That's the same top 10 offense and mediocre defense from ISU versions circa 2014 and 2015.

ISU also has a 305th luck rating. Meaning ISU isn't catching the breaks. Yes, ISU are 18-8 this year versus 21-5 and 20-6 the least two years. You know what? ISU has lost 3 OT games, ISU has lost 2 other games they had shots to win, and ISU has lost 3 other games that were 1 possession games with 2 minutes to go. That is all 8 loses. This isn't a bad team.

This isn't the team of which ISU fans dreamed. That team had Georges Niang as the player of the year, Prohm finally teaching them how to play defense, and Jameel McKay as an NBA draft pick. That isn't happening. What ISU fans have is a team that's spectacular on offense, poor on defense, and exactly what we should have expected.

This team can still make a Final Four. It probably wont. Perhaps we shouldn't expect Kentucky until we see that first Final Four.

Any ISU fan from 10 years ago would have killed for a fun offensive team that played exciting games. Enjoy the ride while Georges and Monte Morris are still conducting.

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