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The Mid-Morning Dump: Baylor Officially Has Iowa State's Number

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Iowa State Basketball

BAYLOR PLEASE BE BAD AGAIN. Iowa State dropped yet another game against the Baylor Bears, losing last night's contest in overtime 100-91. Our overlord KFitzy87 has the recap.

NIANG PASSES THE MAYOR. Georges Niang moved up to 3rd on Iowa State's career scoring list, despite taking only one shot from the field in the last 11 minutes of regulation. Uncle Randy says that's not good enough, and I concur.

NO RICO? NO PROBLEM. ESPN's recap takes full note of Rico Gathers not playing last night, and notes that apparently Jonathan Motely would prefer to play against ISU every week. Baylor's reason for Gather's not playing?

I'm sure this had nothing to do with his sudden "illness".

DON'T GO, GEORGES. While Iowa State losing was quite sad, Georges Niang put himself in special company Tuesday night, scoring over 2,000 points in his storied Cyclone career. Brent Blum's article will hit you in the feels.

THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE. Thanks, Denny Green. Maybe other teams had better leaders, or maybe they were just better teams. WhiteHartPain takes a look at this team's run of bad luck, and examines what your expectations should be.

ISU'S MOUNT RUSHMORE. If you missed out on the Twitter conversation yesterday, now's your chance to let us know (in the comments) who would be on your Cyclone Basketball Mount Rushmore.

Around The Country

ALMOST TO... TEXAS? The West Virginia Mountaineers rain into a Texas-sized buzz saw in Austin last night, much to the chagrin of anyone (everyone) who is hoping this is the year Kansas's reign of terror ends.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE LOBOS? Check out this hilarious and informative FanPost from NotDanGable profiling New Mexico as a possible candidate for Big 12 expansion.

FIRST THE PATRIOTS, NOW PEYTON? While New England was deflating balls, apparently Peyton was airing his out.. A bizarre story from 1996 has resurfaced, mostly because a Cam Newton fan (much like Cam) is a sore loser. 

THEY'RE DEFINITELY STILL DRUNK. If you haven't listened to Ted Flint's podcast (ft. our boy RevDizz), you probably should.

SUCH RUMORS, MUCH TRADE. Though the Association takes time off after its all star game, there ain't no sleep for NBA trade rumors. Read up on them here.

WHY NOT USE A TEE? Apparently the MLB is now realizing that the average age of their television audience is approximately deceased, and has decided they should finally do something about it. But how far will they go to make it more interesting?

My solution:

MOAR BASEBALL. Ever wonder what you'd do if you made it to the big leagues? Here are some amusing suggestions.

GOODELL GOT 99 PROBLEMS BUT MONEY AIN'T ONE. Despite the NFL being marred by concussion issues and several high profile domestic violence cases (to name of few of the many problems), Roger Goodell still made (gulp) $34.1 million dollars.

TAKE THAT, REF. In hockey, throwing beer cans at officials is apparently much more effective than booing/telling them to go back to the YMCA.