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The Mid-Morning Dump - Disciples of 3sus. Always.

Naz 4ever.

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Iowa State Basketball

STILL 3SUS' TEAM. Despite being out injured, Naz Mitrou-Long is still the leader of this team.

SLOWER IS BETTER? Steve Prohm says that less possessions is actually better for Iowa State's offense this year.

NADER COMES UP BIG. Bad Nader has been largely absent lately, with another standout performance on Saturday.

JUST KEEPS GETTING WEIRDER. The Jameel McKay situation is no clearer today than it was on Saturday.

PRAYERS? There's this whole thing going in Jameel's life right now too.

COME FOR THE BURTON SHOW. Deonte Burton was able to showcase his impressive hops against TCU.


STILL A 4. USA Today and ESPN both still have Iowa State holding at a 4 seed.

Around The Country

THE BROW ALMOST HITS 60. Anthony Davis put up a 59 point, 20 rebound performance yesterday.

HARSH, BOEHEIM. Jim Boeheim isn't mincing words when criticizing one of his best players.

+1 ENERGY, -2 POINT DIFFERENTIAL. An Ohio State player was too busy slapping the court to play defense.

WELL, THAT'S TERRIBLE. Edin Dzeko missed the net on a pass most of us would have even finished.

THEN THERE'S THIS FINISH. Thomas Muller turns a far more difficult chance into a goal.

NO, YOU'RE EJECTED, REF. After his team received three red cards, a Trabzonspor player red-carded the ref.

GOALIE'S GOTTA FIND A NEW JOB. Empty net with a shot coming? No problem.

SO MUCH BUILDUP, SO LITTLE PAYOFF. You could have just had a fan kick it into the stands.

TWO FACES, ONE BASKETBALL. Double basketballs to the face.