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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mountaineers Out-Muscle Cyclones

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Iowa State Basketball

COUCH FIRES IN MORGANTOWN, DUMPSTER FIRES IN AMES. Iowa State lost to West Virginia 97-87, largely due to a lack of: rebounding, defense, bench scoring, defense, rebounding, getting calls from officials, and depth. RevDizz has it covered in the recap.

DON'T DEFEND DISMAL DEFENSE. Pardon the alliteration.. Uncle Randy  thinks that despite too high of preseason expectations, this team can play better, and it starts with defense.


EVERYBODY HERE GETS A CAREER HIGH. ESPN's recap takes full mention of career nights for WVU's Jaysean Paige and Tarik Phillip, which is becoming ISU's calling card.

REASONS TO STAY POSITIVE. Gary Parrish put together a nice piece about how this year's team is very similar to last year's squad, but is facing a much better Big 12 conference as a whole.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR SEANNA. Iowa State's star guard Seanna Johnson's father suffered a stroke Monday evening, and she has temporarily left the team to be with her family.

Around The Country

DONALD DISLIKES THE CUBS. Donald Trump decided to take a shot at the Cubs owners, giving Cubs fans yet another thing to make a hashtag for/get mad online about, which is the last thing anyone needs.

THE RICH GET RICHER. Turns out NFL players actually don't make enough money, and that's partly because the NFL was wrongly taking it from them.

IOWA'S STILL BLACKED-OUT. A class-action lawsuit has finally helped to ease some of MLB.TVs famous blackout restrictions. However, if you live in Iowa, you are still royally f***ed. 

NO 'STACHES IN MIAMI. Marlin's manager Don Mattingly is apparently not allowing his players to grow facial hair this season. If anything, the real story here is that Miami still has a team.

COACH CAL MIKE DROP. You should probably watch this video of SEC basketball coaches attempting to say nice things about their rivals. It starts off slow, and then Frank Martin and John Calipari happen.

BIG A** BED BUGS. Kyrie Irving only played nine minutes in a game against OKC, and it was apparently due to massive bed bugs at the team's haunted hotel. Wut?

HARBAUGH BEING HARBAUGH. Love him or hate him, Jim Harbaugh is one unique character. Not only does he eat a steak a day and have sleepovers with recruits, but he gets pumped up about Monday Night Raw.

ANIMAL USING SKATEBOARD AS LEGS ALERT. Yes, you read that correctly. Some farmers in upstate New York made a wheelchair for a baby bunny whose rear legs didn't work. Out of a skateboard. Move along.

OH, OH MY. WHERE TO BEGIN. The fight sport of hockey never ceases to amaze. Apparently it's a tradition for New Hampshire students to toss fish on the ice when playing Boston. But this guy not only uses about a 20 pound carp (I think), but fails to get it onto the ice. I have so many questions...