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The Mid-Morning Dump: WOO PIG SOOIE GO PAUL

On This Day in Sports History

FEBRUARY 25, 1964. Heavy underdog Cassius Clay, age 22, defeated champion Sonny Liston by technical knockout to win the world heavyweight boxing crown in Miami Beach.

Iowa State Basketball

LADY FARMAGEDDON. Last night's encore didn't go as well as the first installment on Dec. 30 in Manhattan. The Cyclones, without Seanna Johnson — tending to her father, who just had a stroke — fell to Kansas State 68-53 at Hilton Coliseum. They've now lost 11 of 14.

Iowa State Football

JACK TRICE AND THE NAZI OLYMPIAD. Fascinating longform by our boy Kagavi, who looks back on the illustrious careers of two East Tech heroes separated by thousands of miles.

Old Faces, New Places

WOO PIG SOOIE. Former Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads landed on his feet in Fayetteville, being named defensive backs coach at Arkansas.

RISE TO CEDAR FALLS. Current senior associate athletic director David Harris has been named director of intercollegiate athletics at Northern Iowa.

Around The Country

PERMANENT SURRENDER COBRA. It's way better being a fan of Stephen Curryrather than the opposing team.

SIGH. Sigh.

BREAKFAST RUN. Yoenis Cespedes, making his second consecutive appearance in the MMD, will only eat round waffles. So, naturally, he sent a Mets staffer to the grocery store in his Lamborghini.

LEAVE IT TO THE BEAVERS. Oregon State took down Washington at the buzzer in very "run run run run chuck it" fashion.

THAT'S A BAAAAAAD BADGER. Wisconsin went to Iowa City and knocked off the Hawkeyes last night. Khalil Iverson wanted to make sure he left his mark.

RULE OF THUMB. Jason Pierre-Paul is suing ESPN and Adam Schefter for that one time when Schefter posted private medical records online for millions of people to see, because how could that ever end badly?