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The Mid-Morning Dump: IT'S CROOTMAS!

The biggest day of the football recruiting year is here.

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SIGNING DAY CENTRAL. Besides our open thread (which you should totally come visit and use to discuss new recruits throughout today), has a site up for National Signing Day as well.

WORKIN' HARD. Check out this short video on the Iowa State staff and their recruiting efforts.

QB to TE. How Clifford Fernandez went from a JUCO quarterback to Iowa State's tight end.

REDEMPTION STORY. Hurricane Katrina may have ended up saving Fernandez' life.

FULL CIRCLE. Chase Allen's football life has come full circle now that he's signed with ISU.

TRENDING POSITIVE. Can we finally start being optimistic about Iowa State football?

Iowa State Basketball

KO'D BY MOTIVATION. It was a fired up Mountaineers squad that did ISU in last night, says Chris Williams.

KO'D BY TOUGHNESS. Travis Hines says West Virginia won because they were tougher than ISU.

THEY LET IT HAPPEN. The Cyclones didn't close well down the stretch, and it ended up costing them.

NIANG TAKES BLAME. After a night with eight turnovers on his own, Georges Niang is taking a large share of the blame for the loss.

GET TOUGHER, OR ELSE! Randy Pete voices his concern of ISU dropping more games due to a lack of toughness in the future.

Iowa State Wrestling

WRESTLER OF THE WEEK. Iowa State's LeLund Weatherspoon took home the weekly award from the Big 12 Conference.

Around the Country

KD TO THE WARRIORS? It's a very real possibility during free agency, and the NBA is terrified of the prospect.

JERRY RICE: LYFT DRIVER. Here's another one of those videos where people get in a car and have no idea who their driver actually is.

BEST COMMENTATORS. Key and Peele will be calling the Super Bowl on a live audio broadcast.

SUE FOR TATTOOS. Some of those tattoos you see in NBA 2k16? Apparently 2k's publisher infringed on ownership rights.

BAD LIP READING. Here's part one of this NFL season.