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The Mid-Morning Dump: CYning Day Success

Matt Campbell and his staff took over with 65 days to piece together a recruiting class, and boy did they ever.

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SIGNED. SEALED. DELIVERED. Matt Campbell and Co. had themselves one hell of a signing day, netting 29 recruits in one of the highest rated ISU classes ever. Our very own jwillyISU writes about it here.

TOUCH EM' ALL, MATT CAMPBELL. Uncle Randy thinks head coach Matt Campbell knocked this class out of the park. Cyclone Nation agrees.

GIVE ME MOARRR CROOTIN'. Can't get enough crootin'? Then you're in luck, as we put together highlight videos of the Cyclone's signee's by position.

JUST HERE FOR THE HOOPS? If you don't follow recruiting, or are still somehow in basketball mode after the Mountaineer Meltdown, CW has you covered.

I WANT YOU TO WANT ME. Though Iowa State still reported him as being signed, the The Catalina Line Fixer is suddenly the prettiest girl at the party. Will the Cyclones seal the deal? Stay tuned...

WUT. The Tyler Catalina situation is simply recruiting at its worst best.

CROOTIN' GONNA CROOT': The Best of Signing Day

I DON'T UNDERSTAND POP CULTURE. But apparently, these coaches do, and at Boston College "getting another dude" requires the entire staff to run off on the plug twice. I understand nothing.

OH MY. Oregon State signed a 325 pound former running back to play defensive tackle. Looks like the only running he'll be doing now is to the dessert counter at Golden Corral.

USC IS AT IT AGAIN. No Pete Carroll? No problem. 5-star recruit commits to USC via an interview with Snoop Dogg.

LET THEM EAT CAKE! Apparently, the #1 athlete recruit decided to use decoy cakes instead of the traditional hat stunt. Sometimes crootin' is sweet, but I'm guessing those cakes were salty...

WEST VIRGINIA SIGNS JOE DIRT. The Mountaineers singed a key 4-star linebacker today, but the real story here is this guy's mullet.

THIS SEEMS HIGHLY UNNECESSARY. UCLA recruit announces his decision by dressing his friends up in jerseys of his top 5 schools and having a capture-the-flag paintball fight.

WHEN A FAX MACHINE JUST WON'T DO. This 4 star 'croot decided he needed to announce his decision while skydiving. I'm just glad the schools he spurred didn't mess with his parachute.

Around the Country

OK-OH NO YOU DIDN'T. The OKC Thunder not only won on a Kevin Durant buzzer beater, but Russell Westbrook got his 8th triple double of the season.

CURRY. What more can you say here? Steph dropped 51 points and 11 three-pointers on the Wizards last night, and made them look silly in the process.

DOMO ARIGATO, MR. GOLF-BOTO? Yesterday at TPC Scottsdale, a golf ball-hitting robot named Eldrick nailed a hole-in-one. And how did the fans react? By tossing their beer onto the green, of course.

THIS. IS. DEMOCRACY? Apparently the week that brought the nation the Iowa Caucus, democracy at it's finest, needed to give the people a political story made for the Onion: Iowa Senate Bill Targets Stanford Band Controversy. Apology from Christian McCaffrey sure to follow.


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Here's the link to Gameday Depot.