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The Mid-Morning Dump: Peyton's a Budweiser Guy

Peyton Manning let it be known to the entire world that he was gonna drink a lot of beer to celebrate the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl victory.

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Iowa State Basketball

OVERCAME ADVERSITY. Despite having the odds stacked against them, Iowa State picked up a key road win in Gallagher-Iba Arena.

NOT UGLY THO. Chris Williams claims there was nothing ugly about the win over Oklahoma State on Saturday.

CAN'T STOP 'EM. Can anyone stop Georges Niang and Monte Morris when they're playing their best?

DEFINITELY INDEFINITE. Steve Prohm urges everyone that Jameel McKay's suspension is indefinite, despite McKay tweeting otherwise.

NEED OUR BIG MAN. To reach peak production and achieve their goals, the Cyclones will need to get a dedicated McKay back on the floor.

TOO MUCH TEXAS. The UT women's team took down the Twister Sisters 65-49 in Hilton Coliseum over the weekend.

CAREER SEASON. The team might have lost to the Longhorns, but Seanna Johnson is having a career season thanks to being inspired by her brother.

Iowa State Football

WORKING QUICKLY. Another article on how the new Cyclone football staff put together a nice recruiting class in about two months' time.

Iowa State Olympic Sports

TAKE THAT, KITTIES. The ISU wrestling team defeated UNI in West Gym 18-16 in a battle that came down to the last match of the evening.

THE FAST ONE. Thomas Pollard, Jamie's son, won the USATF Junior XC Championship on Saturday and will get to represent Team USA at the APA Panamerican Cross Country Cup on March 5 in Caraballeda, Venezuela.

Around the Country

BOOOOOORADY. It's never a bad time to boo Tom Brady, especially during the Super Bowl pregame show.

WORLD CHAMPS. The Denver Broncos took down the favored Carolina Panthers 24-10 to win Super Bowl 50.

PULL UP? When it was potentially the biggest play of the Super Bowl, Cam Newton didn't dive for a fumble.

ALL ABOUT THAT BUD. After winning the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning told the world that he's going to drink a lot of Budweiser.

MILLER MVP. Defensive end Von Miller took home game MVP honors in the defensive battle.

CAM CAN'T EVEN. Cam Newton walked out of his Super Bowl press conference after giving one-word answers.

JUST LOLZ. Former player Bill Romanowski had one of the worst tweets of all time directed at Cam Newton.

GOOD SPORT. Noted Panthers superfan, Stephen Curry, handled the loss like a champ on his Twitter last night.

BEAST MODE DONE. Marshawn Lynch dropped this bomb on his Twitter last night, which many people believe is his retirement announcement.

SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS. You can find them all at this link.

WEIRD. This is the only commercial I'll link, for poll purposes.