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The Mid-Morning Dump: Seniors Lead Cyclones to Victory Over Cowboys

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Iowa State Basketball

MCKIANGDER 4 EVER. Though the emotions that accompany senior night (and believe me, it was an emotional night for all) affected the Cyclones' play, their trio of seniors led them to victory.

TEARS ALL AROUND. Georges Niang addressing the Hilton Coliseum crowd after the game is a reminder of how much of a true Cyclone he is, and of how truly awesome college basketball is.

FUN FOR ALL. Though last night was one of mixed feelings for Niang and the other seniors, they still managed to have a ball. Uncle Randy captured some of those great moments here.

GEORGES BEING GEORGES. Apparently Niang needed a ride to the game, and his Volvo is named 'Champagne Papi'... Georges, you sure are one of a kind.

SHOULD HE STAY OR SHOULD HE GO? Monte Morris was also playing in what may be his last home game, and was very vague about his future plans. Tommy Birch has more.

WAY TO USE YOUR HEAD? Jameel McKay on some dude so hard that the ball bounced off his head and back out of the hoop... So, naturally, the basket didn't count and was not reviewed. Wut?

ABDEL NADER KILLED A GUY. His dunk ended up #1 on SportsCenter's top ten plays from last night. RIP Mitchell Solomon.

Let's take a look at some of the best tweets about what may be the dunk of the year in College Basketball...

This is my personal favorite.

And finally... The Sistine-Nader Chapel

Iowa State Women's Basketball

SEANNA IS BACK. After missing two games to be with her family following her father's stroke, Seanna Johnson is back with the team just in time to help honor seniors Kidd Blaskowsky and Madison Baier.

Around The Country

ARE THEY THAT DRUNK? Twitter personality Ted Flint and company have another podcast, and it's worth a listen.

KANSAS IS BACK. After looking like the streak may be over, the Jayhawks clinched yet another Big 12 title with a blowout win over Texas, marking the worst massacre in Texas since Col. William Travis was at the helm.

NERD ALERT! Actually, this story is pretty damn funny. A video game programmer who worked on late 90s baseball games made himself into a real player in the game with unlimited home run power.

5 WAYS TO STOP GOLDEN STATE. No, none of these ideas are practical or even legal. Yes, Curry and Co. would still find a way to beat you. 

A CLIPPER IS A BIRD? The Clippers got a new mascot, Chuck the Condor, and it's absolutely terrifying.

HOG ROAST, ANYONE? Yoenis Cespedes went to a county fair and bought a prize-winning pig. Maybe Opening Day in New York will be "Free Bacon Night".

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE. Apparently in an effort to add the title of "most interesting team" to "most annoying fans on Twitter" as the only titles they've won in over a hundred years, the Cubs have an old Arizona-themed van and clowns at spring training.