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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Postseason Has Arrived

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Iowa State Basketball

IOWA STATE TAKEAWAYS. This and that from Tommy Birch, including Monté Morris' outlook for tonight, bracketology and Burton's Band-Aid.

CLOSING TIME. Defense is primarily to blame for the occasional late game tribulations, right? Depth? Effort? Wrong, wrong and wrong.

PART TROIS. Despite Buddy Hield scoring 22 and 27 in his first two outings against the Cyclones, Matt Thomas' defensive effort on the Big 12 Player of the Year has been nothing short of great. Will the third time also be a charm?

ICEMAN. It's not 2014 anymore, so confidence is a non-issue for Thomas.

CREATING A LEGEND. Travis Hines enrolls you in the Georges Niang School of Basketball.

Around the Country

THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE NFL. It's understandable if you haven't been paying attention, but NFL free agency is in full swing. Find every major move here.

UNCLE CHAPS STRIKES AGAIN. And all hail our wholly devoted, impersonating overlord.

ARROW(BONE)HEAD. The Kansas City Chiefs have been dinged $350,000 and two draft picks for violating the NFL's tampering policy with Jeremy Maclin in 2015.

ALABAMA MAKES AN APPEARANCE. Fine, whatever, more football. Here are Bill Connelly's 50 best college football teams since World War II.

THE EQUALIZER. Alex Morgan scored a tremendous goal early against Germany yesterday.

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JUST DANCE. It's never necessary to ask J.R. Smith how he feels about hitting a big shot.

HOLY CROSS! Welcome to the dance, Crusaders.

I JUST DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE. Stephen Curry keeps doing things that can't even be replicated in video games.

IT'S NEVER NOT FUNNY. LeBronnn Jaaames kid is back and better than ever.