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Join WRNL's Tourney Pick'Em!

Prove your worth by showing off your bracket selection abilities in our 2016 pick'em group!

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Wanna test your bracket picking skills against the WRNL crew and the rest of Cyclone Nation? Join our Tourney Pick'Em group over on Yahoo Sports!

How do you join, you ask?

1. Head over to this page on Yahoo's site.

2. Click the "Join a Private Pool" button.

3. Enter the Pool ID (59877) and password (ProhmanEmpire) of our group.

4. Join our pool.

5. Make your picks!

You may have to sign up for a Yahoo account in order to join, but it takes just a minute or two, so no sweat. We're not offering any prizes this year - just bragging rights - but hey, everyone will know how much of a genius (or idiot) you are when it comes to picking college basketball games.

Good luck competing for second place!