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The Mid-Morning Dump: I-O-N-A!

There's nothing worse than Iowa Iona fans?

Iowa State Basketball

PROHM REACTS. Steve Prohm discusses the tournament for Iowa State.

PREVIEWING THE GAELS. Brent Blum has a first look at the team Tavon Sledge once transferred to.

IDEAL. Bobby La Gesse says Iowa State got an ideal draw through the NCAA Tournament.

MORRIS STILL AILING. Monte Morris talks about his shoulder and it doesn't sound good.

Iowa State Football

RIP DONNIE. Former Iowa State coach Donnie Duncan has passed away.

Around The Country

WE'LL MISS YOU, TRENT. The Big 12 coach who wins the looks most like Monty Burns award will be leaving Fort Worth.

JOIN OUR PICK EM! ICYMI, we're doing our usual Pick 'Em pool again this year.

HE'S... NOT WRONG. John Calipari goes off on the NCAA Selection Committee for their unclear evaluation process.

MOTHERSHIP HATIN'. SBN's picks are not so favorable to our Cyclones.

FAKIN' GIANNIS. Giannis Antetokounpo's pass fakes are hard to defend.

SELDEN TIME. Wayne Selden's animated but awesome uncle got to see him throw down one of the dunks of the year.

OF COURSE KOBE SAID THAT. Kobe Bryant thinks LeBron's kids pass the ball too much.

WHEN YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW. Steph Curry is now not even looking to make sure his three pointers go in.

WE GOT IN? WHAT? Even Tulsa players thought they had no shot of making the tournament.

THAT'S UNFORTUNATE. Jacob Nottingham hit a ball into the parking lot and smashed a car window. His own.

MEDCALF LOVING THE BIG 12. Myron claims that 3/4 of the Final Four will be Big 12 teams.