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The Mid-Morning Dump: Cyclones Keep On Dancing, Advance to Sweet 16.

Tonight the first two play-in games will be played in Dayton, meaning everyone's favorite time of year is finally here. It also brings up that age old question: Do play-in games really count?

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Iowa State Basketball

MONTE SHOULDER ALERT! This piping hot take may actually contain some good news... Uncle Randy thinks Monte's injured shoulder, and probably his performances in the last month or so, will keep him in Ames for his senior season.

TOUGH BIG 12 TO HELP 'CLONES? After grinding through the toughest conference in the land, Georges Niang certainly thinks that experience will help the Cyclones in the tournament.

KEEP ON DOUBTING. Many talking heads/prognosticators are doubting the Cyclones this year. CW thinks that means we've got folks right where we want them.

BASKETBALL? MORE LIKE TRACK MEET. As many of you know, the Cyclones like to play fast. Iona too, apparently wants to go fast. Break out the track spikes!

MUCH SPEED, SUCH EXCITE. WOW. Apparently Eleanor Roosevelt isn't the only American who likes hot, nasty, bad-ass speed: all of the people want to watch Iowa State's first round game!


HAPPY NATIONAL AG DAY! Hey ya'll, it's National Ag Day! We here at Wide Right & Natty Lite pride ourselves on trying to prove Iowa State actually helps farmers. Therefore, you should probably read this article, featuring an email form a surprisingly feisty grandma.

AT LEAST THEY TRIED. This year, our dynamic duo NarbTom (Narber and RevDizz), have tried to bring you our very own Bracketology. Now they understand why dudes like Lunardi "live in a bracket bunker".

MMMMMMMMMM MYYYYYYYY, IONA! In an effort to get to know your opponent, and have some ammo for the haters, I think you'll enjoy these Iowa Iona jokes ClonesJer put together.


ONE STOP MARCH MADNESS SHOP. Eamonn Brennan from the Mothership put together some things you need to know about each team in the field of 68.

FIRST FOUR GAMES ARE HERE. SB Nation has put together a guide for the first four games, if that's something you're interested in. Do play-in games even count anyways?

NCAA TOURNAMENT SUPERLATIVES! Everyone loves superlatives, even ESPN! Therefore, you should probably take a look at these.

MOAR FROM THE LUN-ARD DAWG. Joe Lunardi is like an kid at Christmas. After spending the last 5 months in his bracket bunker, Lunardi has awoken from his bracket hibernation, and has all of the previews for you.

NO MADNESS = NO JOB. While we've already see two Big 12 coaches get canned, it looks like they will be the first of many, as Johnny Dawkins from Stanford has now lost his job as well. Oh well, they still have an awesome band...

BRACKET VOODOO? Wanna know who's going to win it all? This article may help you decide who to pick as your champion.

IF YOU'RE NOT FIRST, YOU'RE LAST. If the only thing you care about during March Madness is winning your bracket pool, take a look at these useful bracket tips.

SING ME A SONG, YOU'RE THE CYCLONES' COACH. Some genius decided to find out which band/musician was each coach in the NCAA Tournament's favorite, and it did not disappoint. Prohm apparently likes Billy Joel? Total Dad Move.