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The Mid-Morning Dump: How Sweet It Is

The 'Hey! Girls don't dump!' Edition of everyone's favorite linkstorm.

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Iowa State Basketball

SO WAIT, IS THERE BASKETBALL TODAY? CBD has your WRNL Approved™ preview for that super exciting thing happening tonight.


ICYMI. Things are getting spicy over in The Troll, which is surprising considering how bland Virginia bbq is...

WELL...SURE! Jamie Pollard coining some new terms for the halfway point of the Sweet 16.

THERE IN SPIRIT. The Mayor won't physically be at the game tonight, but he'll be there in spirit. And yes, he already has a ticket for Sunday.

SWEETER THAN A VEISHEA CHERRY PIE. Keep up with all the remaining games tonight with this handy, dandy schedule from the mothership (all times are Eastern).

Around The Country & World

VIVA LA BÉISBOL! The Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Cuban National Team yesterday 4-1 in the first game played by a major league team on Cuban soil since 1999.

TWO IS THE NEW ONE. Villanova and Oklahoma took care of business and looked flawless getting it done. Kansas and Oregon did things too.

THIS IS WHY YOU NEVER LEAVE EARLY. NEVER. Texas A&M's Admon Gilder sank the layup to tie things up vs. UNI...but his parents had already left for the car. Don't worry, they still love him no matter what.

WHOOPS. Dillon Brooks accidentally drained a 3-pointer from Steph Curry Land in garbage time. Coach K was not impressed? Or he didn't say that. Or maybe he did. #DookDrama

WHY JAMES CRYIN'?! If you've somehow managed to make it to this point in your life without this video, I suggest you remedy that post haste. Prepare to hear it in your head every time our guys throw down on some 'Hoo fools (yes, I realize that statement is redundant).