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The Mid-Morning Dump - The Offseason Is Here

Welcome to the first "IOWA STATE SPORTS ARE OVER" MMD of 2016.

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Iowa State Basketball

DEFINING YEAR. Next year will be the defining year for Steve Prohm to make his mark on the program.

RECRUITING IS THE FOCUS. Heading into his first full offseason, Prohm is concentrating on recruiting.

SECOND TEAM FOR GEORGES. Niang was named a 2nd team NABC All-American.

NOT BAD NEXT YEAR. Randy Peterson is optimistic about Iowa State's 2016-17 team.

WHO COULD BREAK OUT? A look at the candidates to make unexpected contributions next year.

Around The Country

DAMMIT VIRGINIA. After making Syracuse look completely awful in the first half, Virginia collapsed. If only we could have done this...

JUST HOW INSANE IS THEIR RUN? Syracuse as a Cinderella seems weird, but here's how crazy it is.

BUDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Buddy Hield makes college basketball fun. Plus, Georges Niang likes him, so we should too. Also, Kobe!

I REMEMBER MY FIRST FINAL FOUR... Roy Williams hasn't quite mastered the whole net cutting thing, despite this being pretty routine for him.

NOT EVEN THIS WAS ENOUGH. Wayne Selden Jr. flipped a shot in off the top of the backboard, but it wasn't enough to help KU beat Villanova.

THIS IS HAPPENING IN IOWA! Most of us probably had no idea DJ Stephens plays for the Iowa Energy, but he can REALLY dunk.

THAT THING IS ZOOMING. Even a casual Cristiano Ronaldo penalty kick is going pretty quick.

THIS LACROSSE SPORT IS FUN. Don't be bringing your weak shit into this lacrosse goalie's crease.

BREAKING: HEYWARD SUSPENDED FOR PEDS - BEE POWER. Jason Heyward got stung by a bunch of bees, then drilled a home run.

SAD VS. SADDER? Jeff Teague was abandoned by the team bus, and then got a Little Caesar's Hot N' Ready, which he was holding.. sideways?