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The Mid-Morning Dump: Basketball Transfer Season Has Begun

While spring football practice is in full swing, college basketball's transfer season has just blasted into hyper-drive...

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Iowa State Basketball

GEORGES TO THE FINAL FOUR! Though the Cyclones never completed their goal of reaching the Final Four, Georges gets to go anyway. I honestly didn't know there were college all-star games..

CHICAGO, A TRAVEL STORY. Our very own CyHawk made the trip to Chicago for the Sweet 16, and was kind enough to put together a journal, of sorts, recapping his adventure in the Windy City. It's worth a read.

ISU REALLY NEEDS SOME PROHM COOKING. Now that this season is over, gone are most of Fred Hoiberg's players, and in comes Steve Prohm's guys and coaching style. At least, that's what needs to happen for the Cyclones to stay relevant.

Iowa State Football

#SOUND THE SIRENS. The Cyclone recruiting gawds coaching staff picked up another spring commitment, getting 3-star WR Josh Johnson to decommit from Indiana and sign with the Cyclones.

BUNDRAGE CHASING NFL DREAM. Check out this great article on former Cyclone Quenton Bundrage, who speaks out about his knee injury and senior season, as well as preparing for a shot at the NFL.

OUR COACHES LIKE TIGHT ENDS. Campbell and company plan on using their tight ends in the flex position this fall, and hope to get those guys more involved (or involved at all) than previous offenses.

Iowa State Sportz News

MCCARNEY FOR HOF. Iowa State has announced this year's Hall of Fame class, which is headlined by the likes of Dan McCarney, Jaamal Tinsley, and Megan Taylor. Geroges Niang was not included.

LIFETIME CYCLONE COMING HOME. The ISU Women's Basketball team picked up a commitment from Maggie McGraw (no relation to Tim), a freshman guard, and lifetime Cyclone fan, from Indianola.

Around the Country

$ CANT BUY ME LOVE. While the money Cuban stars make when they come to the MLB may help, it doesn't eliminate the challenges of assimilating to life in a new country.

SPEAKING OF BASEBALL. Since I know you're all ready for Opening Day, here's a power ranking of all 30 teams by offense, pitching, etc. If fan support was included, Cleveland would probably be last.

PITT FANS MAD BRO. Let's get you up to speed: Pitt hired Vandy's Kevin Stallings, and their fans are not happy about it. Not. One. Bit.

WHAT EVER MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER, KU FANS. You should probably read this article from the Lawrence Journal-World trying to justify Cheick Diallo declaring for the draft. Newsflash: He's not coming back to Kansas.

RICO FOR THE NFL? Yet another concussion-related class action lawsuit has been filed against the NFL. Former NFL player Tracy Scroggins has filed one himself, and one of the 6 counts invokes the RICO Act.

THAT COULD HAVE GONE BETTER. Apparently some Toronto Raptors fan flew 7,000 miles to watch his team.... lose to Oklahoma City by 19. Sorry kid, but you're not alone: Iowa fans who went to the Rose Bowl know how this feels, I'm guessing.

OH MY GAWD WHY. In the midst of a blowout loss, Kobe tossed his armband to a girl in the stands. Who then proceeded to smell the damn thing. Why.

KAT KILLED A GUY. In case you haven't heard the news, the Timberwolves have this one rookie who's pretty good.