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Totally Real Georges Niang Endorsement Deals

Everyone's favorite power forward is set to pursue a career in professional basketball. But that's not the only way he'll make money...

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Now that the 2015-16 Iowa State men's basketball season has come to a close, WRNL has started digging into our wide network of insider sources to find out what opportunities lie ahead for ISU's graduating seniors. So far, we've received a ton of tips on one player specifically - Georges Niang.

During his time in Ames, Niang has become known for his play on the court, his infectious personality, and generally representing what it means to be a Cyclone. Now that he'll be moving on to play professional basketball, whether it be in the NBA or overseas, Niang is going to have a variety of options when it comes to making a living. One of those options is bringing home the bacon through endorsement deals with relevant products.

Here's the deals that Georges plans on taking once he's a professional basketball player according to our totally real and definitely not fake at all sources.



Four years of having his style of play described as a "YMCA game" makes this one a no-brainer for Niang. As the YMCA's new spokesperson, Georges will help inspire people with 2-inch verticals everywhere to pull up their gym shorts, tuck in their replica NBA jerseys, slide their rec goggles over their eyes and dominate their local league at the "Y."

Little Debbie


One only needs to read a few sentences from this article to know why this endorsement deal is a perfect fit.

What was your go-to food back in the day?

Swiss cake rolls. Devil dogs. My mom used to limit me to one per day. One time I got into the snack cabinet and got two, hid one in the couch. I remember going into the kitchen and my mom being like, "What are you doing in there?" I had a mouthful of food. "Nothing."

Now that Georges will be making a living playing basketball, he'll constantly be in the gym. You know what that means? He'll be burning more calories. What's the perfect way for Niang to counter those extra burned calories? Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, of course.

Hooked on Phonics


Presented without further comment:

Nerlens Noel Official Spokesperson



Well, for the two of you reading this who didn't, please explain how you got through watching Iowa State basketball the last four years without hearing an announcer point out this overused factoid during a broadcast. I'll await your answer in the comments!

Preparation H


It only makes sense for all that butthurt he put Hawkeye fans through during his career! Preparation H likely hit record sales from 2012-2016 thanks to Iowa fans needing to relieve their internal and external discomfort from Niang's shenanigans. The least Prep H can do is offer him a sweet deal in return.


Good luck in the pros Georges. We're all rooting for you.

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