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The Mid-Morning Dump: Boston College is Sad

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On This Day in Sports History

MARCH 3, 1875. The first indoor game of ice hockey! Played at Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal, Quebec, and organized by a local resident, each side was limited to nine players due to the size of the rink. Prior to this, hockey was a casual outdoor game with no set dimensions or limitations on the numbers of players.

Iowa State Basketball

GIRL POWER. In spite of a season mired by injury and tough losses, three Cyclone women took home individual accolades yesterday, including Seanna Johnson's First Team All-Big 12 honors and Bridget Carleton's ultimate snub job.

Iowa State Wrestling

PICTURES OF YOU. 133-pounder Earl Hall will compete in the Big 12 Championships this weekend in Kansas City. What fuels his fire? Photos of his adversaries plastered to his bedroom walls.

Iowa State Football
THIS IS OFFENSIVE. Chris Williams goes in-depth on what we can expect from the first offensive group under new offensive coordinator Tom Manning.

WIDE RIGHT. Jake Trotter is ranking the Big 12's most iconic plays of the past decade. In at No. 13: Quinn Sharp.

Around The Country

RANKING THE BRACKETOLOGISTS. Selection Sunday is 10 days away, meaning there's no shortage of bracketology on the internet. But who should you look to? The Bracket Project is here to help.

GYM SHOPPING. Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor was peeking into a closed gym he was interested in buying, when two employees called the cops and accused him of robbery.

LAYUP LINE. Okay, this obviously wasn't truly a missed dunk by Louisville G Donovan Mitchell, but the ball went in and I'm not entirely sure how.

THE BEST BONNIE. Here's all 47 of St. Bonaventure G Marcus Posley's points last night against St. Joseph's.

DIE LIKE AN EAGLE. Boston College is a loss to Clemson game away from being the first college team since 1976 (TCU) to lose every conference game in both football and basketball. North Carolina State freshman Maverick Rowan delivered the latest kick to the Eagles' stones.

MEET BRYN FORBES. Rutgers did the most Rutgers thing ever last night and allowed Michigan State G Bryn Forbes to hit a Big Ten record ELEVEN three-pointers.

DEATH, TAXES, GREG GARD. Wisconsin is reportedly set to offer Bo Ryan's successor a much-deserved long-term deal.