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The Mid-Morning Dump: Georges Niang Gets Another Award and Water is Wet

Iowa State Men's Basketball

2ND TEAM ALL-'MERICAN. Georges Niang was announced as an AP Second Team All-American and is ISU's first ever two-time All-American.

Iowa State Football

SCHEME UPDATE. According to Matt Campbell, Iowa State will be based in a 4-2-5 on defense, but will throw multiple looks in all season.

BOARD DRILL. The players love this one.

PROVING HE BELONGS. You might not think it, but Demond Tucker is taking reps with the second team defense at practice.

BATTLING BACK. After going through a few injuries during the last two years, Gabe Luna is ready to contribute at defensive end.

NFL DREAMS. Former ISU wideout Quenton Bundrage is doing his best to make an impression on NFL scouts.

Around the Country

ALL THE DRAMA. Rookie D'Angelo Russell is being shunned by his teammates after a video he shot of Nick Young talking in a private conversation surfaced on the internet.

MICKEY D'S ALL-'MERICANS. Meet the 2016 McDonald's All-Americans who may or may not terrorize college basketball next year.

ALL THE SUPPORT. TNT's Craig Sager has the support of everyone in the NBA... Seriously.

ALMOST MJ WORTHY. There goes Aaron Gordon dunking again. This time, he took off almost from the free throw line.

ALL THAT WAY. Two Oklahoma City Thunder fans came all the way from Germany to watch Kevin Durant play, except KD took the night off.

IT'S A HOOP... ALMOST. You'll have a new respect for Buddy Hield after you see the hoop he shot on in the Bahamas and read his story.


ALL THE FARTS. Von Miller is being fined by his "Dancing With The Stars" partner for farting in practice.

ALL THE LAUGHS. The Lego Batman movie released its second trailer of the week and it makes fun of all the previous Batman movies.