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2016 D1 NCAA Wrestling Championships Qualifiers, Seeds, & Brackets Announced

Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and Rutgers lead the way with ten qualifiers each. The Cyclones will be sending six wrestlers to March Matness

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

The qualification list is finalized.  The seeding is complete.  And the brackets are set.  Now begins the longest week of the year as we wait for March Matness to begin.  Action will kick off at noon eastern on Thursday, March 17th at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY and once again ESPN will make every match of every round available on ESPN3 as well as broadcasting the early rounds on ESPNU and finals on ESPN.

Official Brackets


When are the sessions?

Session Date Time Channel
1 Thursday, March 17th 12 p.m. EDT ESPNU (some mats), ESPN3 (all mats)
2 Thursday, March 17th 7 p.m. EDT ESPNU (some mats), ESPN3 (all mats)
3 (quarterfinals)
Friday, March 18th 11 a.m. EDT ESPNU (some mats), ESPN3 (all mats)
4 (semifinals)
Friday, March 18th 8 p.m EDT ESPNU (Semifinals), ESPN (all mats)
Saturday, March 19th 11 a.m. EDT ESPNU (some mats), ESPN3 (all mats)
6 (finals)
Saturday, March 19th 11 a.m. EDT ESPN

What does each session entail?

Session 1 (Thursday Afternoon)

33 wrestlers qualify at each weight and they are all alive through this session no matter what happens. This session has one pigtail match per bracket to bring the championship side down to 32 wrestlers and then a full set of 16 matches. There are usually a mix of close matches and horribly overmatched guys who are just happy to be there. Starting last year, the NCAA has seeded to 16 wrestlers instead of 12 as they had in the past. That cuts down on the number of upsets but there is still always a few surprises in the first round. 33 wrestlers enter, 33 wrestlers leave.

Session 2 (Thursday Night)

On the championship side of the bracket you start to have seeded guys compete against each other. More upsets happen in this session, but the top seeds are still generally facing guys they outmatch.  That means most of the upsets you see here will be of the 11 over 6, 8 over 9 type variety. On the consolation side you have one pigtail and eight elimination matches. 33 wrestlers enter, 24 wrestlers leave.

Session 3 (Friday Morning)

The championship quarterfinals. These tend to be great matches and this is where the most interesting upsets tend to happen as elite guys square off for the first time. Always lots of good action. On the consolation side you have two rounds.  In the first round the losers from the championship round on Thursday night take on the winners of the consolation round from Thursday night. This is where talented guys with unlucky draws start to go home. The next round is the winners of those matches going at it. By the time this is done there are always multiple seeded wrestlers hitting the buffet and unseeded guys making runs deep into the tournament. 24 wrestlers enter, 12 wrestlers leave.

Session 4 (Friday Night)

The "Round of 12". This, in my opinion, is the best round of the tournament. On the championship side a win places you in the finals. On the consolation side a win assures you a top 8 finish and All American status. If anything, the pressure in this round is greater than the pressure in the finals. Everybody left is an ultra talented (or ultra lucky) wrestler and nobody wants to get this far and go home empty handed. After the R12 the consolation bracket will have another round to determine who will stay alive for 3rd place and who will be going into the 7th place match. But honestly that only really matters for team points. Unless you make the finals just getting to the All American rounds is what matters. Ten years from now nobody is going to care or remember if you placed 4th or 7th. Just that you were an All American. 12 wrestlers enter, 8 All Americans leave.

Session 5 (Saturday Morning)

The consolation medal rounds. The losers from the championship semifinals the night before take on the winners of the consolation bracket with a spot in the 3rd place match on the line. Losers of these matches go into the 5th place match. Today is purely about pride and team points, the pressure is off. This can be fun to watch because some guys will really open up their game now that they don't have as much to lose while others will be devastated by not being in the finals and just stand there getting their ass kicked. Nobody is eliminated here, they just determine how high they are going to be standing on the podium. 6 wrestlers enter, 6 placewinners leave.

Session 6 (Saturday Night)

The finals.

Two finalists enter, One champion leaves.

Who qualified and what are the seeds at each weight?


(all wrestlers listed alphabetically)

Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Lorenzo Bentley Pittsburgh ACC
7 Darian Cruz Lehigh EIWA
2 Joey Dance Virginia Tech ACC
- Sean Fausz North Carolina St. ACC
- Brent Fleetwood Central Mich. MAC
- Zachary Fuentes Drexel EIWA
4 Thomas Gilman Iowa Big Ten
- Nick Herrmann Virginia ACC
- Brandon Jeske Old Dominion MAC
- Johnny Jimenez Wisconsin Big Ten
6 Eddie Klimara Oklahoma St. Big 12
13 Tim Lambert Nebraska Big Ten
- Shakur Laney Ohio MAC
- Kyle Larson Iowa St. Big 12
- Dalton Macri Cornell EIWA
- Sean McCabe Rutgers Big Ten
8 Barlow McGhee Missouri MAC
3 Nico Megaludis Penn St. Big Ten
5 Ryan Millhof Oklahoma Big 12
16 Elijah Oliver Indiana Big Ten
9 Dylan Peters UNI MAC
12 Paul Petrov Bucknell EIWA
11 Ronnie Rios Oregon St. Pac 12
14 Joshua Rodriguez North Dakota St. Big 12
- Alfredo Rodriguez SIUE SoCon
- Drew Romero Air Force Big 12
- Sean Russell Edinboro EWL
10 Connor Schram Stanford Pac 12
- Drew Templeman Wyoming Big 12
15 David Terao American EIWA
- Chasen Tolbert Utah Valley Big 12
1 Nathan Tomasello Ohio St. Big Ten
- Conor Youtsey Michigan Big Ten


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
15 Josh Alber UNI MAC
14 Geoffrey Alexander Maryland Big Ten
- Mason Beckman Lehigh EIWA
- Dalton Brady Arizona St. Pac 12
4 Cody Brewer Oklahoma Big 12
- Rosario Bruno Michigan Big Ten
2 Cory Clark Iowa Big Ten
5 Jordan Conaway Penn St. Big Ten
- Zachary Davis Navy EIWA
- Robert Deutsch Rider EWL
6 George DiCamillo Virginia ACC
10 Johnni DiJulius Ohio St. Big Ten
- Austin Eicher Northern Ill. MAC
11 Dom Forys Pittsburgh ACC
1 Nahshon Garrett Cornell EIWA
16 Anthony Giraldo Rutgers Big Ten
8 Earl Hall Iowa St. Big 12
- Gary Wayne Harding Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Corey Keener Central Mich. MAC
13 Cameron Kelly Ohio MAC
- Nathan Kraisser Campbell SoCon
- Bryan Lantry Buffalo MAC
- Dominick Malone Northwestern Big Ten
- Martin (Josh) Martinez Air Force Big 12
9 Mack McGuire Kent St. MAC
7 Eric Montoya Nebraska Big Ten
- Jamal Morris North Carolina St. ACC
- Joey Palmer Oregon St. Pac 12
- Jade Rauser Utah Valley Big 12
3 Zane Richards Illinois Big Ten
- Caleb Richardson Pennsylvania EIWA
- Zach Synon Missouri MAC
12 Bradley Taylor Wisconsin Big Ten


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Anthony Abidin Nebraska Big Ten
4 Anthony Ashnault Rutgers Big Ten
13 Steve Bleise Northern Ill. MAC
7 Solomon Chishko Virginia Tech ACC
16 Randy Cruz Lehigh EIWA
9 Rick Durso Franklin & Marshall EIWA
- Logan Everett Army West Point EIWA
- Zach Finesilver Duke ACC
- Javier Gasca III Michigan St. Big Ten
- Nicholas Gil Navy EIWA
- Seth Gross South Dakota St. Big 12
- James Gulibon Penn St. Big Ten
1 Dean Heil Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Zachary Horan Central Mich. MAC
- Jamel Hudson Hofstra EIWA
3 Kevin Jack North Carolina St. ACC
6 Micah Jordan Ohio St. Big Ten
- Jordan Laster Princeton EIWA
- Mike Longo Appalachian St. SoCon
5 Matt Manley Missouri MAC
- Robert Mathers Arizona St. Pac 12
2 Joey McKenna Stanford Pac 12
12 Chris Mecate Old Dominion MAC
14 Bryce Meredith Wyoming Big 12
- Ian Nickell CSU Bakersfield Pac 12
- Jameson Oster Northwestern Big Ten
- Mike Pongracz Chattanooga SoCon
10 Todd Preston Harvard EIWA
- Danny Sabatello Purdue Big Ten
- Tyler Smith Bucknell EIWA
11 Thomas Thorn Minnesota Big Ten
8 Joseph Ward North Carolina ACC
15 Brock Zacherl Clarion EWL


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Nick Barber Eastern Mich. MAC
4 Matthew Cimato Drexel EIWA
- Bryant Clagon Rider EWL
11 Anthony Collica Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Colt Cotten Buffalo MAC
- Joey Delgado Oregon St. Pac 12
10 Mike DePalma Kent St. MAC
- Tyson Dippery Rutgers Big Ten
- John Fahy SIUE SoCon
14 Mitch Finesilver Duke ACC
- Joseph Galasso Cornell EIWA
- Steven Galiardo Brown EIWA
- Laike Gardner Lehigh EIWA
- Alex Griffin Purdue Big Ten
- Coleman Hammond CSU Bakersfield Pac 12
8 Evan Henderson North Carolina ACC
- Davion Jeffries Oklahoma Big 12
- Alex Kocer South Dakota St. Big 12
13 Matthew Kraus Arizona St. Pac 12
- Victor Lopez Bucknell EIWA
16 Patricio Lugo Edinboro EWL
12 Geo Martinez Boise St. Pac 12
3 Lavion Mayes Missouri MAC
15 Daniel Neff Lock Haven EWL
9 Justin Oliver Central Mich. MAC
5 Alec Pantaleo Michigan Big Ten
- Clayton Ream North Dakota St. Big 12
1 Zain Retherford Penn St. Big Ten
- Jake Short Minnesota Big Ten
2 Brandon Sorensen Iowa Big Ten
7 Jake Sueflohn Nebraska Big Ten
6 Jason Tsirtsis Northwestern Big Ten
Christopher Vassar Gardner-Webb SoCon


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Andrew Atkinson Virginia ACC
- LeRoy Barnes Missouri MAC
- Tyler Berger Nebraska Big Ten
- May Bethea Pennsylvania EIWA
10 John Boyle American EIWA
8 Nick Brascetta Virginia Tech ACC
- Chris Castillo Boise St. Pac 12
- Spartak Chino Ohio MAC
13 Edwin Cooper, Jr. Iowa Big Ten
- Dylan Cottrell West Virginia Big 12
- Gregory Flournoy George Mason EWL
2 Thomas Gantt North Carolina St. ACC
- Robert Henderson North Carolina ACC
9 Richie Lewis Rutgers Big Ten
1 Isaiah Martinez Illinois Big Ten
14 Austin Matthews Edinboro EWL
4 Ian Miller Kent St. MAC
- Andrew Morse Northern Ill. MAC
12 Brian Murphy Michigan Big Ten
3 Jason Nolf Penn St. Big Ten
7 Cody Pack South Dakota St. Big 12
5 Dylan Palacio Cornell EIWA
- Russell Parsons Army West Point EIWA
- Neal Richards Vmi SoCon
- Jake Ryan Ohio St. Big Ten
16 Markus Scheidel Columbia EIWA
- Kamaal Shakur Chattanooga SoCon
11 Luke Smith Central Mich. MAC
6 Joseph Smith Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Justin Staudenmayer Brown EIWA
- Bryce Steiert UNI MAC
- Aaron Walker The Citadel SoCon
15 Chad Walsh Rider EWL


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
12 Connor Brennan Rider EWL
- Tyler Buckwalter Kent St. MAC
1 Alex Dieringer Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Jake Faust Duke ACC
- Adam Fierro CSU Bakersfield Pac 12
- Casey Fuller Edinboro EWL
15 Clark Glass Oklahoma Big 12
16 Devon Gobbo Harvard EIWA
3 Bo Jordan Ohio St. Big Ten
2 Isaac Jordan Wisconsin Big Ten
- Dakota Juarez Eastern Mich. MAC
4 Daniel Lewis Missouri MAC
14 David McFadden Virginia Tech ACC
- Cooper Moore UNI MAC
- Geno Morelli Penn St. Big Ten
7 Anthony Perrotti Rutgers Big Ten
- George Pickett Cornell EIWA
- Ryan Preisch Lehigh EIWA
- Forrest Przybysz Appalachian St. SoCon
- Austin Reese Ohio MAC
- Patrick Rhoads Iowa Big Ten
6 Steven Rodrigues Illinois Big Ten
5 Max Rohskopf North Carolina St. ACC
11 John Staudenmayer North Carolina ACC
- Seth Thomas Oregon St. Pac 12
- Austin Trott Gardner-Webb SoCon
9 Tanner Weatherman Iowa St. Big 12
8 Chad Welch Purdue Big Ten
- Tyrel White Columbia EIWA
- Cody Wiercioch Pittsburgh ACC
- Mitchell Wightman American EIWA
10 Austin Wilson Nebraska Big Ten
13 Jim Wilson Stanford Pac 12


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Phil Bakuckas Rutgers Big Ten
16 Micah Barnes Nebraska Big Ten
- Rustin Barrick Bucknell EIWA
- Jadaen Bernstein Navy EIWA
5 Zach Brunson Illinois Big Ten
3 Blaise Butler Missouri MAC
- Te`Shan Campbell Pittsburgh ACC
8 Zach Epperly Virginia Tech ACC
6 Bryce Hammond CSU Bakersfield Pac 12
15 Brian Harvey Army West Point EIWA
12 Nathan Jackson Indiana Big Ten
- Josef Johnson Harvard EIWA
14 Nick Kee Appalachian St. SoCon
- Casey Kent Pennsylvania EIWA
- David Kocer South Dakota St. Big 12
- Sean Mappes Chattanooga SoCon
11 Myles Martin Ohio St. Big Ten
- Jack McKeever Binghamton EIWA
13 Alex Meyer Iowa Big Ten
1 Bo Nickal Penn St. Big Ten
10 Michael Ottinger Central Mich. MAC
- Michael Pavasko Clarion EWL
4 Ethan Ramos North Carolina ACC
2 Brian Realbuto Cornell EIWA
- Matt Reed Oklahoma Big 12
- Richard Robertson Wisconsin Big Ten
9 Chandler Rogers Oklahoma St. Big 12
- Jonathan Schleifer Princeton EIWA
- Keaton Subjeck Stanford Pac 12
7 Cody Walters Ohio MAC
- Nicholas Wanzek Minnesota Big Ten
- Lelund Weatherspoon Iowa St. Big 12
- Gordon Wolf Lehigh EIWA


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
4 Domenic Abounader Michigan Big Ten
- Joe Ariola Buffalo MAC
3 Victor Avery Edinboro EWL
8 Nolan Boyd Oklahoma St. Big 12
2 Sammy Brooks Iowa Big Ten
10 Nate Brown Lehigh EIWA
- Ryan Christensen Wisconsin Big Ten
- Kenny Courts Ohio St. Big Ten
1 Gabriel Dean Cornell EIWA
- Jack Dechow Old Dominion MAC
7 Timothy Dudley Nebraska Big Ten
- Jordan Ellingwood Central Mich. MAC
15 Nicholas Gravina Rutgers Big Ten
- Corey Griego Oregon St. Pac 12
- Ville Heino Campbell SoCon
- Samson Imonode Army West Point EIWA
- Jeffrey Koepke Illinois Big Ten
- Garet Krohn Stanford Pac 12
- John Lampe Chattanooga SoCon
16 Matt McCutcheon Penn St. Big Ten
14 Willie Miklus Missouri MAC
9 Mathew Miller Navy EIWA
- Dane Pestano Iowa St. Big 12
13 Pete Renda North Carolina St. ACC
- Andrew Romanchik Ohio MAC
- Jakob `Bubba` Scheffel West Virginia Big 12
- Steven Schneider Binghamton EIWA
- Tom Sleigh Bucknell EIWA
6 Blake Stauffer Arizona St. Pac 12
11 Lorenzo Thomas Pennsylvania EIWA
- Alex Utley North Carolina ACC
5 Zachary Zavatsky Virginia Tech ACC
12 Hayden Zillmer North Dakota St. Big 12


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Anthony Abro Eastern Mich. MAC
- Bryce Barnes Army West Point EIWA
- John Bolich Lehigh EIWA
- Nick Bonaccorsi Pittsburgh ACC
- Scottie Boykin Chattanooga SoCon
12 Michael Boykin North Carolina St. ACC
4 Nathan Burak Iowa Big Ten
16 Kyle Conel Kent St. MAC
2 J`Den Cox Missouri MAC
- Joshua Dasilveira Arizona St. Pac 12
- Patrick Downey Iowa St. Big 12
9 Reuben Franklin CSU Bakersfield Pac 12
7 Brett Harner Princeton EIWA
5 Conner Hartmann Duke ACC
6 Jared Haught Virginia Tech ACC
- Hayden Hrymack Rutgers Big Ten
10 Maxwell Huntley Michigan Big Ten
1 Morgan McIntosh Penn St. Big Ten
- Chip Ness North Carolina ACC
- Trent Noon Northern Colo. Big 12
14 Zachary Nye Virginia ACC
3 Brett Pfarr Minnesota Big Ten
15 Nate Rotert South Dakota St. Big 12
- Owen Scott Cornell EIWA
- Shawn Scott Northern Ill. MAC
13 Jacob A. Smith West Virginia Big 12
- Phil Sprenkle Lock Haven EWL
8 Aaron Studebaker Nebraska Big Ten
- Preston Weigel Oklahoma St. Big 12
11 Phil Wellington Ohio MAC
- Sam Wheeler Cleveland St. EWL
- Ryan Wolfe Rider EWL
- Michael Woulfe Navy EIWA


Seed First Name Last Name Team Conference
- Brooks Black Illinois Big Ten
16 Nathan Butler Stanford Pac 12
14 Blaize Cabell UNI MAC
5 Adam Coon Michigan Big Ten
- Boyce Cornwell Gardner-Webb SoCon
- Mauro Correnti Rider EWL
6 Denzel Dejournette Appalachian St. SoCon
7 Amarveer Dhesi Oregon St. Pac 12
- Patrick Gillen Virginia ACC
- Joseph Goodhart Drexel EIWA
1 Nick Gwiazdowski North Carolina St. ACC
- Tanner Hall Arizona St. Pac 12
15 Tanner Harms Wyoming Big 12
- Mike Hughes Hofstra EIWA
- Gage Hutchison Eastern Mich. MAC
- Collin Jensen Nebraska Big Ten
13 Jared Johnson Chattanooga SoCon
9 Michael Kroells Minnesota Big Ten
- Ross Larson Oklahoma Big 12
4 Austin Marsden Oklahoma St. Big 12
- William Miller Edinboro EWL
- Ray O`Donnell Princeton EIWA
- Antonio Pelusi Franklin & Marshall EIWA
- Garrett Ryan Columbia EIWA
- Riley Shaw Cleveland St. EWL
12 Billy Smith Rutgers Big Ten
2 Kyle Snyder Ohio St. Big Ten
- Ryan Solomon Pittsburgh ACC
10 Joe Stolfi Bucknell EIWA
11 Sam Stoll Iowa Big Ten
- Jeramy Sweany Cornell EIWA
3 Ty Walz Virginia Tech ACC
8 Max Wessell Lehigh EIWA

What's next?

We'll have a preview for the first day of competition up on Wednesday of next week.