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The Mid-Morning Dump: Honorary Cyclone Jordan Spieth

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Iowa State Basketball

MAILMAN NIANG. Georges Niang won the Malone Award, presented to the best power forward in college basketball.

AND NOW NBA PREP. Georges finished his farewell tour and will now turn his attention to getting his shot at the NBA.

MONTE TALKS MORE ABOUT HIS DECISION. Monte Morris talks to CFTV about why he never even declared for the NBA draft.

Iowa State Football

DAMMIT, ALLEN. Allen Lazard will miss a few weeks after breaking his hand punching a wall.

Around The Country

JUST AN EXTREMELY IOWA STATE THING. Jordan Spieth was about the win the Masters, then completely blew it.

BUDDY WINS. Buddy Hield added another award to his trophy case, picking up the Wooden Award.

FIVE STAR ON THE MARKET. Derryck Thornton is leaving Duke after just a year, a year in which he re-classified to fill Duke's PG hole.

AND THEY SAY CANADIANS ARE NICE. This Blue Jays fan had no problem fat shaming Pablo Sandoval.

LET'S CHECK IN ON NIGEL DE JONG. Last you probably heard of Nigel De Jong, he was karate kicking people in the chest during the World Cup Final. Let's check in on his MLS career.

FROM TIED TO OUT OF HAND IN 5 MINUTES. Manchester United collapsed so hard this weekend.

KOBE IS FUNNY NOW? Kobe is now doing Apple ads that make fun of his age.

DORIS BURKE CAN BALL. At least if we extrapolate these 3 dribbles.

WOMEN'S SOCCER OR HOCKEY? Let's just call it aggressive goalkeeping.

KERSHAW IS SURPRISED. After Madison Bumgarner hit another home run off the Dodgers ace, Clayton expressed his shock.