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The Mid-Morning Dump: The NCAA Hates Satellite Camps and Fun

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Iowa State Basketball

MCKADER CHASING NBA DREAM. Both Jameel McKay and Abdel Nader hope to play in the NBA someday, and that quest begins at the Portsmouth Invitational, a game showcasing college seniors.

THANKS JER. ClonesJer not only attended the Cyclone, Hawkeye, Panther Senior Farewell Tour, but he decided to recap it for all you good people. Enjoy.

Iowa State Football

MIKE LIKES COACH MAC. Former Cyclone coach Dan McCarney spoke to the football team this past week, and that talk made a profound impact on ISU's star running back Mike Warren.

MAC LOVES COACH MATT. The one thing that stood out to Coach Mac when he visited the team? Iowa State's commitment to winning. Oh, and where his old office used to be is now a training table.

SPRING GAME MVPS. While the Cyclones are guaranteed to win the spring game, individual players winning the day is more important. Lets take a look at a few guys who did.



CUBS WIN. Dang it, the Cubs won again. Oh well.

CARDS WIN. The Cardinals socked the Brewers last night, and the vomit-inducting Cards/Cubs Twitter battle rages on.

HAPPY BIG PAPI. As if playing in his last home opener at Fenway Park wasn't emotional enough, David Ortiz's daughter surprised him by singing the National Anthem.

BRYCE HARPER IS LITERALLY 100: Bryce Harper, the baseball player everyone loves to hate, is playing baseball with an emoji on the end of his bat. And I'm sure, somewhere, Bryce needs to get off some baseball purist's lawn.

DUDE, BUY ALL OF THE LOTTO TICKETS. Somehow, a Tigers fan caught 5 foul balls in one baseball game.

Around the Country

VEGAS CYCLOWN IS BACK. One of our writers has moved back to Iowa after 16 years of living out west, and he has some interesting observations about being back home.

CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP, MAN. Apparently, employees at a Burger King in Minnesota kept smashing the restaurant's windows. And this BK wasn't the only place it happened. You won't believe why...

THE QUINCY ACY EXPERIENCE? Remember him? Yep. Grandpa Acy got game.

DOES PLAYOFF MODE JUST MEAN ACTUALLY TRYING? ESPN notes that the Cavs have benefited from LeBron James kicking it into playoff mode early, and leaves me wondering... What is normal mode then?

SPEAKING OF SATELLITE CAMPS. Besides hurting the teams that schedule them, could there be more consequences from the fun-hating NCAA's ban?

NCAA TO BAN HARBAUGH? At this point, it seems like the best option for Mark Emmert, as Harbaugh is supposedly going to be speaking at the graduation ceremony of Michigan's number one prospect.

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. Jason Pierre-Paul has spoken out about the details of his fireworks accident in the hopes that people will learn from it and move on. Explosive stuff, really.

REAL LIFE STEP BROTHERS? It was reported that Johnathan "Money" Manziel and Von Miller were living together, except that was apparently not true. Sad, I'm sure those two would have a blast doing coke karate in the garage.

$500 TICKET, ANYONE? With the Warriors approaching 73 wins and Kobe playing his last game on Wednesday, ticket prices are soaring into uncharted territory.

NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES, BUT THIS ONE DOES. That's all I'm going to say.