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The Mid-Morning Dump: Pending Lawsuit Gives Cyclones Moody Blues

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Iowa State Women's Basketball

MOODY DISHES OUT LAWSUIT. In case you live under a rock and missed the excitement yesterday, DShirbs' write-up on the Nikki Moody lawsuit situation should get you up to speed.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. This story was initially broken by AP writer Luke Meredith, so you'd better check out his updated story.

CW, FORMER PLAYERS CHIME IN. Few people are as close to Coach Fennelly and the WBB team as Chris Williams, and several former players reached out to him over the course of yesterday afternoon.

RAG'S TAKE. The Des Moines Register put together a nice article on the situation, which includes the lawsuit in its entirety. 

DEMANDING COACH, OR MORE THAN THAT? Check out this article examining whether Fennelly is simply a tough coach, or if he went above and beyond with a few of his players.

Iowa State Football

I WAS AT THE GAME, LEARNED NOTHING. If you were like me and didn't learn much from watching the spring game, here's 10 things you were probably too drunk to notice didn't notice.

IS GOOD-JONES GOOD? Julian Good-Jones, a redshirt freshman who had never played center before, could easily wind up being the Cyclones' starting center.

SPRING GAME MVPS. While the Cyclones are guaranteed to win the spring game, individual players winning the day is more important. Lets take a look at a few guys who did.


TWINS RAIN ON BREWERS' PARADE. Don't look now, but the Twins have won 4 in a row, beating the Brewers in a rain-shortened game. Also, it appears Gardy is back!

CUBS TOP CARDS. The Cubs blanked the Cards in St. Louis. If you aren't a fan of either team, stay off Twitter until this series is over. It's for your own sanity.

THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING. Steven Wright of the Boston Red Sox gave the Blue Jays' Chris Colabello a bottle of liquor after beaning him in the helmet with a pitch. Guess there's more than one way to kill brain cells.

RELATED- TROUBLE IN BOSTON. Boston's K-Men, Koji Uehara and Craig Kimbrel, are normally solid at the end of games. This doesn't apply to yesterday's late inning meltdown, however.

VIN SCULLY IS THE GOAT. Someone made a joke about Scully being able to make even a grocery list sound exciting, and it turns out he'd already done it before (in the 1970's).

Around the Country

TRUMP TRIES TO KNOW SPORTS THINGS, FAILS. Donald Trump was introduced by Rex Ryan at a New York rally. I don't need to say much more.

HOCKEY FANS NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE. Check out these front row crazies from the Flyers-Capitals game.

SIMPLY STUNNING. Please please please watch what happens to this poor ball boy.

THIS SEEMS LIKE A TERRIBLE IDEA. A potential NFL first-round draft pick wants to use his rookie contract money to take care of his family (smart!) and buy a pet panther (not smart!).

NO CURRY? NO PROBLEM. Steph Curry didn't play in game 2, but it really didn't matter. The Warriors still snuck by the Rockets with a 9 point victory.

KEVIN THE BRICK LAYER. After winning game 1 in dominant fashion, the Thunder dropped game 2 at home to the Mavs, because #basketball. And probably because Kevin Durant was awful.

NOOOO UNCLE CHARLIE! Charile Villaneuva, who contrary to popular belief is still playing basketball and not dead of old age, tried to break up a Thunder pre-game dance routine. Westbrook was not impressed.

JAVALE! In other news JaVale McGee, known for incredibly boneheaded plays, decided to try his hand at photoshop. It did not go well.