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Dear Adam Silver, My Name is BJSwanny, and I'm Going Pro

A WRNL writer is taking his talents to the NBA.

Walk-ons... No-name freshmen from small conferences... The entire Kentucky Wildcats' roster... It seems like the entire collegiate ranks are going pro. So why not me?

With the new NCAA rules pertaining to the early entrants, underclassmen can now declare for the NBA Draft and, as long as they don't sign with an agent, go through the entire combine process, and still return to their college teams if they withdraw their name before the deadline.

Unsurprisingly, this has lead to an avalanche of questionable-at-best decisions to take the jump to the next level.

Enter me. 

Sure, Cheick Diallo only played seven minutes in the NCAA Tournament and Malik Newman came off the bench on a Mississippi State team that was miles away from the even sniffing the bubble, but at least both came into the season as top 10 recruits. Their departures were expected.

However, I drew the line on swallowing my pride after Tony Anderson announced he had signed an agent and would enter the draft. The same Tony Anderson that only averaged five points a game on a Southeast Missouri State team that finished the season 5-24.

So the time has come for me to move on. This decision seemed like a long shot after tallying a total of five points and six fouls in my entire high school varsity career.

However my draft stock has taken an exponential leap after exploding onto the Iowa State D-League Intramural scene, averaging 25 points, 15 rebounds and an expected low number of assists, seeing as how I was the only guy on my team who'd touched a basketball since middle school. Nevertheless, from a statistical standpoint alone - BJSwanny: 1, Dillon "I only started half my games at Transylvania College before walking-on at Kentucky" Pulliam: 0.

Now, I'm not saying I should be considered for a lottery pick along with the likes of Ben Simmons or Jamal Murray. However, I do have a set of accolades that set me apart from the rest of my draft class.

Has Rutgers' Corey Sanders been dunked on by Deonte Burton and Georges Niang? Because I have.

I doubt Boise State's James Webb started six YMCA Cap City League games ahead of Abdel Nader (ignoring the fact that Nader only showed up twice, the team only had five players, and my dad was the coach).

And other than Peter Jok himself, what other draft entrant has taken a high school Spanish class with Jok? BJSwanny, that's who.

With that in mind, one quick (and surprisingly easy) Google search yielded a draft application and email form to make it official. Yes, the same tools that incoming freshmen who sell their souls to greasy used-car salesmen and east coast mobster types use (I'm looking at you, Calipari and Pitino) can be found online on a seven year old eHow article.

And you know those 'Contact Us' buttons on the bottom of webmpages? The NBA website has one, and one of its options, along with TV Schedules and Password Reset Requests, is Playing for the NBA. I suppose that's where you file this kind of thing, right?

In approximately 40 days, the NBA Combine will take place in Chicago, and I'll have until 10 days after to decide if I wish to return. Except, seeing as how I just completed my deal to sign with Wide Right & Natty Lite Sports Agency, I wouldn't hold my breath.

As far as endorsements deals, I'll let my editorial overlord Fitzy handle any and all proposals. After all, I would hate to taint the sterling reputation of the NCAA, right? I'd rather keep that standing intact by declaring for the draft and coming back to not play college basketball the next three offseasons.