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The Mid-Morning Dump: Mustached Slovenian Women

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Iowa State Athletics

NO PENALTIES. The 2014-15 APR numbers were released, and all of ISU's athletic teams exceeded the minimum score of 930.

Iowa State Football

FAMILY TIES. Safety prospect Keontae Jones, brother of ISU signee Deshaunte Jones, has named Iowa State as one of his top three schools.

SHOULDER SURGERY. Backup running back Mitchell Harger will have surgery on his torn labrum and is expected to be back for fall camp.

Iowa State Basketball

MUSTACHED SLOVENIAN WOMAN. Georges Niang launched a campaign to run for mayor of Ames with a video that'll make you chuckle at the end.

LOTTA MONEY. According to the Ames Tribune, Bill Fennelly's contract contained a retention bonus of $300,000 to be paid in 2019. Why is this important? Because if he's terminated without cause before then, he'll be owed that amount PLUS $225,000 for each year remaining on his contract.

TARGET, TOO. A former player has stepped up in support of Nikki Moody. Cheyenne Shepherd recalls her time playing for Bill Fennelly.

Around the Country

TRASH TALKIN'. Just like everyone predicted, Stanley Johnson may or may not be getting in LeBron's head.

NOT HUMAN. Speaking of LeBron, you've gotta think this dunk is about as mean as he could get on the basketball court.

LASER. Feast your eyes on the fastest throw in MLB recorded history.

BENNY HILL! Crank up the funny saxophone music and watch the Charlotte Hornets miss 8 straight layups on one possession.

NOPE NOPE NOPE. Some dude rode his hoverboard on the edge of a skyscraper in Dubai. It made me sick just watching it.

EVERYBODY'S DOING IT. Check out the latest dance craze sweeping college basketball across the nation.

THE PERFECT WOMAN. Double-fistin' pizza on the kiss cam.

DABS WITH DADS. NSFW language, but in honor of yesterday being 4/20 day, enjoy these dads giving life advice after taking a dab.