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The Mid-Morning Dump: Another Incredible Musician Taken Away

Iowa State Football

LET'S GO CRAZY. Former linebacker AJ Klein relished his role as an honorary coach at the annual ISU football spring game.

DIAMONDS AND PEARLS. Campbell and staff got their first valuable class of 2018 commit in lineman Alex Williams.

Iowa State Basketball

I WOULD DIE 4 U. Many students would die for tent city, and luckily it will remain - with some tweaks.

Around the Country

WHEN DOVES CRY. Pop legend Prince was found dead at his studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota yesterday. Here's a review of his final few days.

U GOT THE LOOK. The Chicago Cubs' Jake Arrieta threw ANOTHER no-hitter, this time against the Reds.

GETT OFF. A Cubs fan wanted to celebrate with the team after Arrieta's no-no, but he was quickly told to get off the field.

EROTIC CITY. Justin Upton thought he had an extra base hit, but the Royals' Alex Gordon had other plans with a great diving catch on the warning track.

WHEN YOU WERE MINE. The Rockets beat a Steph Curry-less Warriors team... Barely.

MONEY DON'T MATTER 2 NIGHT. The reaction from the Houston Rockets' bench after James Harden hit the game-winning shot was about as unenthusiastic as it can get.

THE BEAUTIFUL ONES. A couple Miami Marlins put on some masks to distract teammate Martin Prado during an interview.

PURPLE RAIN. Check out one of Prince's best performances of Purple Rain at the Super Bowl.