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The Mid-Morning Dump: The Minnesota Wild Iowa State'd Themselves

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Iowa State Football

STORM. BREWING. 3-star Dowling Catholic linebacker Jake Hummel committed to ISU over the weekend.

THE LONG GAME. Since 2012, Mitchell Harger has been patiently waiting for his shot. He could get some PT in 2016.

Iowa State Basketball

WHAT'S NEXT? The Ames Tribune's Cody Goodwin reviews the next steps of the Nikki Moody discrimination lawsuit.

Around the Country

SATELLITE CAMPS. Explained by the internet's best fake coach personality, Faux Pelini.

HE'S BACK. If you're a MMA fan, chances are you're very happy to see this tweet from Conor McGregor.

MORE GREAT NEWS. In the latest episode of the Johnny Manziel saga, he's been indicted on an assault charge after a domestic dispute.

BYE BYE BYRON. The Lakers fired their head coach after an abysmal season.

WIN - AND LOSS? The Warriors went up 3-1 on the Rockets, but might have lost star player Stephen Curry in the process.


CLUTCH, CUTE. After hitting a dagger 3-pointer against the Hawks, Isaiah Thomas' kids proclaimed him to be the best basketball player ever in adorable fashion.

DUMB QUESTION. Draymond Green called out a reporter for asking a stupid question about the Houston floods.

MORE MARCUS. Look, it's everyone's favorite former OSU Cowboy doing more embarrassing things in the NBA!

IOWA STATE'D. The Minnesota Wild scored on their own net in overtime and were eliminated from the NHL playoffs by Dallas.

REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. Leo Messi is sending Stephen Curry a signed jersey for reaching 10 million Instagram followers.

GREAT RECOGNIZE GREAT. Bruce Springsteen paid tribute to Prince by covering Purple Rain.