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The Mid-Morning Dump: ISU Football Coaches Don't Sleep, Too Busy Recruiting

Campbell & company keep sounding the sirens with another new recruit.

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Iowa State Football

CROOT CROOT CROOT. Everybody loves a good defensive end, and ISU's coaching staff is no different, landing a  6'3" 255 DE in Angel Dominguez.

EARLY SCHOLLY GETS THE 'CROOT? Coach Matt Campbell and Co. have a reputation for being able to identify talent and offer scholarships early. Does this strategy work? Turns out it already has.


Iowa State Basketball

MALOU DECLARES FOR DRAFT WHYYYY. The centerpiece of Iowa State's next recruiting class, Emmanuel Malou, has declared for the NBA draft. Before you run to the top of the nearest tall building, read this.

JACKSON TO MEET WITH PROHM THURSDAY. Donavon Jackson, ISU's backup point guard and heir apparent to Monte Morris, will meet with Prohm Thursday to decide if he will stay committed or not. Let's hope this goes well.


TWINS HONOR PRINCE WITH WALKOFF. It was a cool night at Target Field. Every Twinkie walked up to Prince songs, and the Twins honored him with a walk-off win. Let's Go Crazy, indeed.

POWER RANKINGS. If you're in to what ESPN thinks of your team, you might enjoy this. If your team is bad, I do not recommend.

SHORTSTOP RENAISSANCE? The shortstop position is a tough one, and that's reflected in the hitting numbers of SS's across the league. These 2 young guys are out to change that, however.

ADAM WOODBURY CALLED, HE'S JEALOUS. So the Tigers won a home game yesterday, but the bigger story is Tyler Collins dropping a fly ball, getting booed, and then proceeding to flip off the crowd.

Around the Country

POOR CLIFF PAUL. Cliff, er, Chris Paul broke a bone in his hand in last night's game vs the Portland. The playoffs are now without Steph Curry and Chris Paul. Who's next?

THUNDER ADVANCE. OKC's two superstars, Durant and Westbrook, led the Thunder past the Mavs in five games.

RIP MAVS. The Thunder killed the Mavs on the court, and then buried them in the press conference. I'm not kidding.

RIP Charlie Villaneuva.

WHAT SPORT WASN'T PRINCE GOOD AT? Prince, who was a known baller and pancake lover, apparently once beat Jimmy Fallon in Ping Pong, and then disappeared into the night.

MARKETING GENIUS? A minor league team, the Omaha Storm Chasers, offered a promotion if an opposing player played poorly. LOL.

ANDREW LUCK IS A WEIRD DUCK. Andrew Luck, part time NFL QB, part time lumberjack, has apparently started a book club. What a time to be alive.

DEFLATEGATE AGAIN, WHY??? Tom Brady's suspension has been upheld, it will dominate the summer sports news cycle, please kill me now.

TIRICO OUT. Mike Tirico has announced (see what I did there) that he is leaving ESPN for NBS Sports.

ARE WE DOING THIS RIGHT? Sometimes you really need input from others to tell you how you're doing. In this case, the faculty at Eastern Michigan told the school they should cut football. Talk about a vote of confidence?

HOW THE HEFTY HAVE FALLEN. JaMarcus Russell, former top NFL draft pick by the Oakland Raiders, is willing to play in the NFL for free. This seems kinda sad, actually.