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The Mid-Morning Dump: Gronk's Incredible Tinder Advice

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Iowa State Football

FINISH WHAT HE STARTED. 18 years after enrolling, former footballer Damien Groce will graduate from Iowa State University and fulfill a promise he made to himself.

Iowa State Basketball

NATIONAL BURTON ASSOCIATION. Forward Deonte Burton has entered his name as an early entry for the NBA Draft, but has not hired an agent and plans on coming back unless he receives a top 15 evaluation (unlikely).

HE GONE. Jordan Ashton has decided to become a graduate transfer and leave the Iowa State basketball program. Don't be surprised if he ends up at South Dakota State with TJ Otzelberger.

CLARIFICATION. After an initial scare, Emmanuel Malou explained that his decision to enter the NBA Draft was only a backup plan.

CROOTIN'. Roster changes give Iowa State a tricky recruiting to-do list.

Around the Country

ESSS EEEE SEEE. Unsurprisingly, the SEC makes more money than every other conference, and it's not close.

NO NO NO. Apparently Kansas is the only school actively recruiting the No. 1 basketball recruit in the class of 2017.

WHEN IT RAINS... Chris Paul AND Blake Griffin have both been ruled out with injuries for the Los Angeles Clippers.

GOOD DOG. A dog ran onto a soccer field and delayed a game, but you could tell it was happy!

OH, DRAKE. The rapper (and Toronto Raptors fan) put an emoji tear on a pic of Paul George on his Instagram account and called him scared (and later deleted it, since you know, George had 39 points in last night's game).

OH, DRAKE. At least you can tell he's a competitive guy.

MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. Watch this Twitter dude fall in love with playoff hockey before your very eyes.

AVADA KEDAVRA. The actor who once played Goyle in Harry Potter is now an MMA fighter.

LIKE ROYALTY. The Sacramento Kings unveiled their new logos and they're surprisingly good.

GRONK ADVICE. Google "Tinder pickup lines" if you want to be good at Tinder, according to wise sage Gronk.

GAME OF THRONES. Honestly (normally I'd embed the video, but it's a huge shot of Melisandre with her "assets" showing, so I'll send you guys to YouTube instead so the work crowd doesn't get in trouble - but then again, this video also has tons of GoT-ish stuff, so it'll still be NSFW for some of you).