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The Mid-Morning Dump: Trump's Knight in Shining Armor

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Iowa State Football

DRIVE. Former Cyclone wide receiver, Damien Groce, will graduate from Iowa State in May, 18 years after enrolling from San Bernadino Valley Community College. Seriously, that's an awesome story.

Iowa State Basketball

NICE TO KNOW YOU. Just when you might have thought Coach Prohm and Co. were done recruiting 2016 guys, they go and secure a visit from graduate transfer big man, Merrill Holden from Louisiana Tech.

NEW SKIN. Jordan Ashton took to social media last evening to officially announce he will play his last year of college ball at UNI. Best of luck Jordan!

MAKE YOURSELF. Chris Williams takes his crack at what the 2016-17 version of the Iowa State Basketball team might look like.

SICK, SAD, LITTLE WORLD. If everyone makes it to Ames next year and secures eligibility, Iowa State should push for a 6th consecutive NCAA tournament appearance, but Uncle Randy preaches a more cautionary tale.

Iowa State Women's Basketball

ARE YOU IN? Tommy Birch takes a look at how the recent allegations against the head man of the Twister Sisters is affecting them on the recruiting trail.

Around the Country

WISH YOU WERE HERE. The only thing surprising to me about Idaho heading to the FCS is learning that they were still an FBS program until this.

STELLAR. Georgia basketball coach, Mark Fox, was on a plane headed to Miami yesterday and almost didn't make it.

REDEFINE. Bubu Palo and the Sioux Falls Skyforce won the 2016 NBA D-League crown last night. The former Iowa State guard finished with 9 points, 8 boards and 3 helpers in the win.

WARNING. The NCAA is making moves against states that are stuck in their own stupidity by threatening to pull NCAA Tournament games from states that can't prove they have an environment free from discrimination.

MEGALOMANIAC. The Houston Rockets tumultuous season was finally put to bed last night, probably because nobody other than James Harden could make a shot the entire 1st quarter.

DEFIANCE. 29 year old Canadian baller Jonathon Nicola is claiming he doesn't know his age. Sometimes I try to forget being 29 too Jonathon.

FRIENDS AND LOVERS. Robert Montgomery Knight followed in Rex Ryan's footsteps and became the most recent mouthy sports figure to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president at a rally in Indiana yesterday.