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The Mid-Morning Dump: The National Crying-Jordanship

While last night's National Championship game was one of the best of all time, it was definitely out-shown by the UNC Crying Jordan Memes...

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Iowa State Basketball

BOOOO. Iowa State is not included in NBC's Way Too Early Top 25 predictions. I wonder if Jeff Goodman helped put this together.

YAYYYY. The Cyclones were ranked, however, in ESPN's Oh My God It's So Early Why Top 25 rankings for next season, coming in at 22nd.

Iowa State Football

IOWA STATE'S TOP 10 PLAYERS. ESPN's Brandon Chatmon has put together a list of ISU's top 10 football players (new additions not included), and I don't think #1 will surprise you.

CROOTIN' UPDATE. The boys over at CF have put together a nice preview on how recruiting the class of '17 has gone so far.

WOPA ON FOX NEWS. The football players who saved a women from drowning while on spring break ended up on Fox News!


TWINS LOSE ON OPENING DAY AGAIN. The Orioles walked off the Twinkies, who have gone win-less on Opening Day since 2008.

CUBS WIN. The Cubs began their chase for the white buffalo that is winning a World Series by downing the Angels.

BRYCE HARPER. POLARIZING FIGURE, TRUMP SUPPORTER? Harper, a player that most people love to hate, is not only changing baseball, but is not apologetic about it. He may also support Trump?

LIKE BASEBALL? Take a look at these 'Best of Opening Day' photos.

National Championship Game

WHAT A DANDY. Last night's game will undoubtedly go down as one of the best title games of all time. Some think it may be the best ever.

MUCH EXCITE. Check out how Villanova Student Radio called the end of the game.

JENKINS DID IT. Chris Jenkins, the guy who cashed the game winner for Villanova, explains how it happened, and why it was a fitting ending for that team.

MARCUS PAIGE'S LEGACY. Despite losing in the Championship Game, Paige left quite a legacy at UNC, and hit one of the biggest shots no one will ever remember.

LETS START A RIOT! Rioting is a natural reaction to winning the National Championship (or when ISU students get bored on a Tuesday evening), and here's a fun transcript of how the celebration went down.


THE INTERNET ALWAYS WINS. When does it lose? We all knew the loser was going to get a shower of Crying Jordan memes, and the Internet went above and beyond our expectations.