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The Mid Morning Dump: What A Bizarre Day Of Sports

Yesterday had it all: a rusty Curry lighting NBA record books on fire, a Bryce Harper ejection, a ball that just wouldn't go in the hoop, and a few guys taking balls to the face. What a splendid day.

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Iowa State Football

EXTREME MAKEOVER, FOOTBALL EDITION. Coach Matt Campbell is attempting to give every aspect of Iowa State football a make-over, right down to the uniforms.

Iowa State Wrestling

BIG TIME WRASTLER. Iowa State added a key piece to their recruiting class earlier this week when Danny Vega committed to the Cyclones.

Iowa State Basketball

BYEEEEE, BYEEEEEE, BRADYYYYYYY. Steve Prohm's first recruit, Brady Ernst, has decided to transfer. Read all about it and what it means here.


WHERE DOES YOUR TEAM FIT IN? Take a look at the best MLB teams of all time, and see if your club made the list.

POWER RANKINGS. If you're in to what ESPN thinks of your team, you might enjoy this. If your team is bad, I do not recommend.

NICE JOB BUT DO BETTER? The MLB always does a nice job of supporting breast cancer awareness on Mother's Day, but that special day should be about so much more.

STRASBURG GOT PAIDDDD. Nat(ty)ionals pitcher Stephen Strasburg just inked a 7 year, $175 million dollar extension. (shocked face emoji).

Around the Country

BIG 12 EXPANSION- GOOD FOR HOOPS? Check out Uncle Randy's take on how Big 12 expansion would impact what is already a strong basketball conference.

MOAR POWER RANKINGS. If you do not care about the NBA or the MLB, then you might be interested in this post-draft NFL power ranking.

HOW IS THIS EVEN NEWS. Apparently the CFL General Manager is frustrated that the Canadian players prefer the NFL. And this comes as a surprise?

I MEAN, THEY CAN'T GET MUCH WORSE. Take a look at this article highlighting which NFL teams should be the most improved. I mean, some of these teams can only go up. Except for Cleveland.

TRIPLE CROWN OR TRIPLE FROWN? Despite having a triple crown winner last year in American Pharaoh, is the sport's management leading it down a dark and scary path?

TIGHTER THAN A _______. The Heat-Raptors series is deadlocked at 2-2, and has already seen 3 overtime games. What are we to expect from the final 3 games?

Bizarre Sports Happenings

CURRY = FIRE. Steph Curry, whose knees and ankles are seemingly held together by scotch tape and used chewing gum, returned and lit NBA record books on fire during overtime.

Let's sum up how Curry is feeling right now with this lovely Vine:

BRYCE BEING BRYCE. Baseball's most polarizing player (and probably the best player) Bryce Harper got ejected from last night's game. He also had some choice words for the umpire after said game.

ANOTHER EJECTION. Shaun Livingston was ejected from last night's game after the ref missed Damian Lillard whacking him across the head. Poor guy took 2 L's on one play!

OHHHH THE HUMANITY. At a crucial point in last night's Heat-Raptors game, Dwyane Wade's layup just decided to hang out on the rim.

There was also this.

DRAGIC HOW TRAGIC! Speaking of taking L's and balls to the face, Goran Dragic was literally hit square in the face by a basketball. Ouch.

NO HOME RUN FOR YOU. J.T. Realmuto hit a home run, but committed a base running error that turned it into a single. He is the reason he can't have nice things.

WAY TO USE YOUR HEAD. Michael Saunders of the Toronto Blue Jays tried to use his head to catch a baseball, and it did not go well for him.