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The Mid-Morning Dump: Defending Volleyballs With Your Face Edition


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Iowa State Football

SATELLITE CAMPS. ISU is gonna do 15 of 'em.

HE'S ALIVE. And looking sexy.

Iowa State Basketball

ROUNDING OUT THE ROSTER. CW has bad news... He went on record predicting Emmanuel Malou won't make it to Iowa State. And it was confirmed this morning by Fran Fraschilla.

SO NOW WHAT? Where Iowa State could go since Malou won't be making it to campus.

PROVING THEM WRONG. Georges Niang will begin the NBA Combine today and look to prove the haters wrong.

GLUE GUY GEORGES. Randy Pete writes about how Niang can be a glue guy in the NBA.

Around the Country

'MERICA. Budweiser has been re-named America for the summer. Which is incredibly stupid and brilliant at the same time.

BYU BARRY. Brigham Young is the best option for Big 12 expansion, according to Barry Switzer.

#SAGERSTRONG. Craig Sager continues to make cancer his bitch by being on the sideline for game 5 even though he's in the middle of chemotherapy.

THUNDER UP. OKC stole a game from the Spurs in San Antonio to take a 3-2 series lead, but it wasn't without controversy. And by the way, guarding Russell Westbrook is a problem.

IT'S UNANIMOUS. Steph Curry was named the first-ever unanimous MVP in NBA history yesterday. But his daughter Riley once again stole the show during the MVP speech.

ABOUT TIME. Video game Steph Curry will have his stats maxed out for 30 hours so he can catch up to the awesomeness of real life Steph Curry.

PLAYOFF HOCKEY. The Penguins eliminated the Capitals and advanced to the conference finals.

SCOTT STERLING? A volleyball player defended a spike with her face and actually won her team the point. Wonder where she got that technique from?

DEADPOOL. The Honest Trailer is here, and it features a guest appearance by Ryan Reynolds as the merc with a mouth.

LOCAL ROCKERS. My brother is the lead guitarist in a hard rock band called Ashes Armada and they dropped a new song a couple days ago, so if you're a fan of the genre, give this a listen!