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The Mid-Morning Dump: A Next Level Old Man Game

Tim Duncan's old man game is running out of time, and Georges Niang takes his to the next level.

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Iowa State Basketball

VINTAGE NIANG. Georges Niang took part in the first 5-on-5 game of the NBA Combine yesterday and he did what we all expected him to do: put in a complete performance that caught the attention of scouts.

IMPROPER BENEFITS? Not for a player, but rather legislators who paid face value to sit courtside with President Steven Leath this past season. The Des Moines Register thinks something is amiss.

Iowa State Athletics

ONE OF THE GREATEST. No one could have seen Brittany Gomez turning into one of the all-time greats in Iowa State softball history.

#ISU99. Iowa State is going to hide a box full of Cyclone gear in one of Iowa's 99 counties over the next 99 days. Here's how to participate.

College Football

NEW COACH, NEW CONFERENCE? Now is the time for BYU to raise their profile in hopes of an invite to the Big 12.

BIG 12 CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP. FedEx is prepared to throw a boatload of money at the Big 12 if Memphis were to get an invite to the conference, so what other corporate entities could pony up dough in hopes their team gets the call up?

SPREAD OFFENSE BREAKDOWN. Ian Boyd has a write up on the four main schools of the spread offense. Former coordinator Tom Herman's smashmouth spread offense is featured prominently, and is similar to what Matt Campbell will run in Ames.

HOW TO STOP IT. And here's how the 4-3 defenses have evolved to stop the spread offenses.

BAMA IS NOW TURNING THE CORNER. It's a horrible thought, but Alabama is finally becoming experienced in the trenches.

HERMAN THROWS SHADE. Raising the profile of Houston football means Herman has to a) win games and b) throw shade at that school in Dallas.

TUNSIL'S TEXTS. Ole Miss officials confirm that Laremy Tunsil's text messages are legitimate, and in related news head coach Hugh Freeze doesn't want to be deposed in the lawsuit between Tunsil and his step-father.

Around the Country

NHL: SHARKS-BLUES. The San Jose Sharks dominated the Nashville Predators last night in Game 7 to move on to the Western Conference finals against the St. Louis Blues.

DONE-CAN. Tim Duncan's career may have come to a sad end last night at the hands of Kevin Durant and the Thunder. As if this missed dunk wasn't bad enough:

GRONK 17. Rob Gronkowski is your Madden 17 cover athlete.

RAID VEGAS. Let's move the Raiders to Vegas!

GO CRAZY? There's a Simpson quote search engine and it now makes GIFs!