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The Mid-Morning Dump - 5/16/16

Daydreaming with Randy Peterson Monday.

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Iowa State Basketball


RESPONSE FILED. Iowa State has filed a response denying all of Nikki Moody's claims.

LARRY'S POSSIBLE RETURN. With rumblings of Colorado State joining the Big 12, Randy Peterson dreams about Larry Eustachy.

Iowa State Football

MAY JACK TRICE BE WITH YOU. Movie night at Jack Trice was a success despite the wind.

TAILGATE TOUR STARTS TODAY. If you're in Carroll, go check out the coaches today.

Around The Country

BASEBRAWL. Usually baseball fights entail guys being grabby for a few minutes, but Rougned Odor dropped a hammer on Jose Bautista.

NC STATE TOO GOOD FOR WILSON? Russell Wilson is talking about his NC State days as adversity.

WHOOPS. Manchester United had to cancel their game because a dummy bomb was accidentally left in the stadium from an earlier exercise.

DON'T NEED THIS ANYMORE... Turkish fans tried to burn down their stadium after their team was relegated.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN EVERYONE HAS VISORS NOW. If you can't punch each other in the face as easily anymore, just yank on each other's beards!

NOT A SUSPENSION. Somehow, Ryan Callahan avoided a suspension for this hit. The NHL makes no sense.