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The Mid Morning Dump: A Little Thunder in Oakland

The Thunder beat the Warriors in Oakland last night. In other news, an MLB manager used his sweatshirt to cover home plate after he'd been ejected.

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Iowa State Football

POLLARD WANTS TO TALK. While Jamie "Money Bagz" Pollard hasn't said ISU is totally pro-expansion, he has said that ISU is "pro-discussion."

CAMPBELL COVETS CULTURE. While spring practice is over, CMC isn't ready to declare it a success quite yet.

EXPANSION > DREAMY TO THE BULLS? Uncle Randy Bobandy writes that instead of Hoibergwatch occupying our summer, we now have talk of Big 12 Expansion.

Iowa State Basketball

NOT BERRY SUPRISING. It sound's like Steve Prohm has found his new assistant coach, and it sounds like it is who we thought it was?

STEP INTO MY OFFICE: NAZ LONG. Cylentbutdeadly has penned the next in a series of articles detailing what each 'Clone could bring to this year's team.

BABY IT'S ALLLLLWHITE NOW. Big news from Prohm and Co. on the recruiting trail: ESPN top 100 forward Romello White is set to visit ISU now that he has decommitted from Georgia Tech.

Around the Country

OHHHHHHHHHHKC. The Thunder, behind a strong second half by Russell Westbrook, beat the Warriors at home last night, much to the chagrin of pretty much the entire Internet. I loved every second of it.

Oh, there was this too, I suppose. It was a thing that happened.

My personal highlight of last night (besides Curry disappearing at the end of the game)? Sir Charles.

HOLY TANTRUM. Tigers manager Brad Ausmus was not happy with the strike zone in Monday's win over the Twins, so he decided to cover home plate with his sweatshirt. I think this was to show that he was blind to the strike zone's tyrrany. But then shouldn't the sweatshirt be over his head?

BUT HE DOESN'T HAVE HAIR!? Apparently Floyd "Money" Mayweather spends $3,000 a week on haircuts despite not having hair?

HOCKEY? HOCKEY THINGS HAPPENED. Sidney Crosby scored the game winning goal for the Penguins in overtime last night.

JUST F****ING DO IT UMP. Shia LaBeouf is playing John McEnroe in a movie about McEnroe's battle against Bjorn Borg. You read that sentence correctly. You better watch this movie.

MOST 76ERS THING EVER. The Philadelphia 76ers will have an advertisement on their uniform next season, and I'm not sure this surprises or upsets anyone.

FOOTBALL IN THE OLYMPICS?! Well, not really. But there are 5 former/current NFL players that could wind up competing in this summer's Olympic Games/getting Zika, probably.

CRYING JORDAN REX RYAN ASAP. It ain't easy being the Buffalo Bills. Or being a Bills fan. Speaking of that, Shaq Lawson needs surgery, and Sammy Watkins broke his foot.

NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY I GOT ONE OF THESE TODAY. Check out the MLB's unannounced campaign to commemorate Joe DiMaggio's MLB best 56 game hitting streak, which consists of sending random push notifications to people.

SCIENCE IN SPORTZ. The MLB has been creating rules to shorten the time between pitches, but this strategy could potentially lead to more injuries according to science.

MLB PWR RANKINGS. UPDATE: No one likes either team from Chicago.

GET TOUGH, KID. Eden Hazard, a winger for Chelsea, showed his young child no mercy, schooling him with some fancy footwork.