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Iowa State Football Reveals Head-Turning New Helmet Design

After years of fan begging and additional months of uniform teases, the wait is finally over.


The Iowa State football program stirred up the fanbase earlier today with this tweet from the Cyclone Equipment feed:

Something was indeed brewing in the equipment room and your favorite source for Cyclone breaking news managed to secure an exclusive first look. I won't string you all along; you're intelligent readers, after all. I'm sure you've all deduced by this point that the big reveal is a new helmet design to debut this fall. Why else would there be an ominous, shadowy image of a football helmet as the headline image? Other than the obvious: graphik has amazing skills with making things look shadowy and ominous. Just ask Jamie Pollard.

Speaking of Jamie Pollard, the new design was revealed by the man himself at today's noon Tailgate Tour stop in Sioux City. Pollard introduced the design as "brilliantly pure in the use of brand colors" and "really ahead of its time." He went on to say that the design team faced a "unique challenge" in incorporating the "beloved face of the program" to the new uniform look.

"What better way to honor a Cyclone great than by memorializing him with his face on a helmet? The team will carry his likeness with them to every home game and show how proud they are to represent this man's spirit while on the road. It really is a testament to properly honoring someone of such great importance to this program. I'm so thankful to be included as a part of this project," said Pollard.

Fans will finally have their cries for flashy designs met. The Cyclones will join the 21st century in uniform couture with a white helmet design. The helmet will feature a cardinal accent and a gold face mask and a familiar face on the side. Check out the image below to see the new design.

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